Energy Efficiency Audit

Energy Efficiency Audit1 Energy Efficiency Audit

Cutting Your Utility Bills with an Energy Efficiency Audit

When you run a small business, every dollar you have to spend on utilities eats into your bottom line. While most of us are doing everything we can at home to cut our utility costs, many business owners are still letting their energy dollars fly out through leaky windows and chinks in the walls. The best way to find out where your energy dollars are going is to have a professionally conducted energy efficiency audit.

A professional energy audit will use technology such as thermal imaging to see where you are losing money due to poor insulation in the walls and roof. You will be able to see if your windows are costing you heating dollars and if you should be investing in hiring a company to repair, reinsulate and replace anything that is costing you energy dollars that you can be saving.

Ecostar Foam can arrange an energy efficiency audit and then provide you with spray foam insulation that will stop your energy losses dead in their tracks.

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