Foam Insulation

Foam Insulation Foam Insulation

Keeping Your House Warmer with Foam Insulation

When the winter winds are howling and the temperature dips far below freezing, is usually the time you find out how poorly your house is insulated. This problem presents itself in older homes that were built before we learned the importance of properly insulating our homes. This does not mean that you cannot insulate an older home well enough to make a significant difference in your utility bills. You can use foam insulation that can be sprayed into areas that you have no other way to insulate.

One of the more common places that have long been ignored in most homes is under the floors in crawl spaces and basements. With a spray on foam insulation you can add a layer of insulation to the underside of your floors that will help to keep the cold out and your feet and home much warmer all winter long.

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