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Spray Insulation Spray Insulation

Is Spray Insulation Safe to Use in My Home?

One of the most common questions we are asked by potential clients is whether or not spray insulation is safe to be used in a residential setting. As little as 10 years ago much of the spray foam insulation being used emitted toxic fumes during the time that it was being applied and for many months afterwards as it cured. While it was in widespread use, the search was on for a much more environmentally friendly foam that would no longer pose a health risk.

The spray insulation we use is made from polyurethane foam and as such does not emit any type of VOC including formaldehyde as it is being applied or during the curing process. Our trained professionals will come to your home and insulate areas of your home such as under the wood of your roof and under your floors. This simple foam will make a significant difference in your monthly heating and cooling costs, making the whole process far more environmentally friendly.

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