Importance of Basement Insulation

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Importance of Basement Insulation Importance of Basement Insulation

Basement is a common area from where frequent leak of cold air occurs. It broadly accounts for 20% of heat loss in poorly insulated home or non-insulated residential and commercial buildings. It is also the place from where lot of moisture gets into the house. The most important area to insulate is not the basement walls, but the area where the house meets the foundation. Leaks at the top around the floor joists and leaks at the sill plate are common in older houses. If gaps are present in sill plate then they should be filled. All care should be taken to properly insulating Crawlspace Walls and Joists and you will surely be able to feel the difference the insulation makes. Properly insulating basement of residential or commercial can save you lot of money by stopping air leaks and thus greatly reducing your energy need for heating and cooling of the building.

Trust Star Spray Foam to go green

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Trust Star Spray Foam to go green Trust Star Spray Foam to go green

Star Spray Foam Systems is located in New Orleans and operates in the South Gulf region including Biloxi to Venice and Baton Rouge to Houma. It is licensed and insured and carries a $2 million general liability policy. Star Spray Foam has a vast experience in insulating both residential as well as commercial buildings. Having well-trained and knowledgeable workforce which are leaders in the industry it performs at the highest level of expectations to earn your trust and satisfaction.

Star Spray Foam Systems offers the best solution to lower your home’s energy consumption by use of the latest cutting-edge equipment and high performance spray foam insulation technology. Its founder being a residential builder has a complete understanding of Residential and Commercial business and considers the most efficient and effective means of accomplishing the job under any circumstances. The main motto of Star Spray Foam is to meet the homeowner’s expectations in context of requirements of the foam, timing of installation, costs of the foam product and the return on investment.