Block Air Leakage From Home By Using Spray Foam Insulation Block Air Leakage From Home By Using Spray Foam Insulation

Studies have shown that more than half the energy bill of an average house comprises of the energy used by heating and cooling appliances. Due to air infiltration in the homes the bill amount rises and hence many home owners are looking at options to insulate their homes to prevent the leakage of air.  Spray foam insulation is widely used and trusted as it is well known to effectively cut down the leakage of air from the house.

Spray foam insulation can help effectively in sealing all the gaps that lead to air leakage. Made of polyurethane, Spray foam is completely eco friendly product that does not emit any kind of harmful substance. While spraying it is in liquid form and can seep into the smallest of crevices. Exposure to oxygen makes it expands 100 times its original size and this quality helps spray foam to effectively cover the entire house and prevent electricity wastage.

Spray foam insulation forms a strong coating that covers the gaps however it could be used with care and it gives best effects when it is installed by a professional. The material is difficult to handle and needs professionals and sophisticated tools to apply. Hence hiring a professional company for its expert services is a great idea. is a leading service provider for spray foam insulation installation. Our team of professionals uses durable spray foam of various well known brands that cover every cavity in your house and make your home energy efficient.

We are well known for our top quality services in New Orleans, Louisiana and surrounding area.

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