Spray Foam and Watch Your Pockets Fill With Money Fill Your Walls With Spray Foam and Watch Your Pockets Fill With MoneySpray foam insulation is quickly gaining popularity for many reasons. Among the green movement, spray foam is recognized as one of the best ways to save energy. Among the financially savvy, it’s recognized as one of the best ways to save money on your energy bill, month after month. Whatever the cause, there is no wrong reason to upgrade your home’s outdated insulation.

If you are looking for ways to save money, weatherizing your home is the first thing to consider. The Department of Energy estimates that proper weatherization will produce average savings of about $958 dollars a year in energy costs. The average American family wastes about 30-40% of the money they spend on heating and cooling. Typically, that’s more than $50 dollars a month.

Spray foam insulation offers a much higher resistance to temperature change than classic insulation methods. It also creates a much higher quality seal, as it expands and fills spots that things like fiberglass simply cannot.

Homes with spray foam insulation applied don’t need to run the air conditioner as long to get the house to the desired temperature. Additionally, once the ideal temperature is reached, the home’s air conditioner will run less to maintain that temperature.

Spray foam keeps unwanted moisture out of homes as well. Excessive moisture leads to high humidity, which can cause temperature increases. These factors make spray foam the optimum choice for insulating your home.

If saving money doesn’t put the money in your pockets as fast as you would like, there are other state and federal incentives to consider. Homes in Louisiana that achieve a 30% or higher efficiency improvement qualify for the HERO program, which offers $2,000 just for weatherizing your home. The Energy Smart Program has many potential rebates for people who weatherize their homes in Louisiana as well. There are also several federal programs that offer as much as 10% of costs spent on weatherizing your home to come back to you. If an energy audit is done by Star Spray Foam Systems before the spray foam is applied, they will even take care of the paperwork for these programs for you.

Is Your Home Energy Efficient? Put it to the Test

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Home Energy Efficient Is Your Home Energy Efficient? Put it to the TestMany people think that when they buy a new home, it is state of the art construction. In reality, most homes built in the past ten years, and even homes under construction now, are using outdated insulation methods. If you think your home is above the standard of efficiency, then try an energy audit from Star Spray Foam Systems.

An energy audit will provide you with lots of valuable data. Weak points in ductwork can be pinpointed. Poorly insulated walls and ceilings can be identified. Cracks or holes in the home can be located. Unseen mold and mildew, which can cause serious health problems, can be found as well. All of these issues and more can be easily identified by advanced, professional methods such as depressurization and infrared cameras.

After audits are completed, a summary is made that depicts how much money may be saved monthly with proper insulation. These summaries are accurate findings by professionals certified in building science, not just inflated numbers to influence a purchase.

If you decide to use spray foam insulation in your home, after it is installed, a second energy audit is completed. This will quantify the results of the process in front of your own eyes, before you get your next energy bill. Most people see an average savings of 40-50% a month in their energy bills. Some people will even see a drop as large as 60%.

Spray foam insulation also creates a strong barrier, which helps to keep unwanted pests out. With this protection against infestation, you will not have to pay for expensive exterminator visits. This barrier also protects your home from moisture, which can lead to mold and mildew, and more costly cleanups.

The Department of Energy has found that the average homeowner wastes as much as 40% of the money they spend on heating and cooling because of poor insulation techniques. Those are numbers from a federal agency dedicated to the efficient use of energy. Would it be better to have an energy audit and know for sure your home is efficient, or just chance it, and risk throwing away a lot of money each month? The answer is clear, put your home to the test.

Spray Foam Insulation Makes Your House as Green as Your Wallet Spray Foam Insulation Makes Your House as Green as Your WalletWith the economy in its current state, almost everyone is looking for a way to keep a little extra money in the wallet. As it turns out, weatherizing your home with spray foam insulation is one the best ways to keep your home, and your bank account, green. According to the Department of Energy (DOE), the average American home wastes about 30-40% of the money they spend on heating and cooling.

By insulating your home with spray foam, you can reduce cooling or heating costs by as much as 50-60%. The DOE says the average American stands to save about $958 a year with proper insulation installed, or about $80 a month. When spray foam insulation is applied, unwanted condensation is kept at bay. This means no mold or mildew to clean up. Infestations from rodents and insects will be warded off as well, potentially saving many people from a costly exterminator visit, or visits, which is usually the case. Spray foam insulation will also give your home higher quality air, which leads to a healthier atmosphere.

Homes with spray foam insulation also use far less energy than homes with conventional, outdated insulation. Many homes tend to lose efficiency from uncontrolled air leaks, insufficient insulation, and deteriorating ductwork. Typically, existing homes with spray foam insulation installed save close to 40% more energy than before the foam was put in. If you’re looking to reduce the impact you are making on the environment, this is the best place to start.

If saving money doesn’t tickle your fancy, how does making money sound? In Louisiana, there are programs in place, such as HERO, which reward people for weatherizing their homes. There are also national programs that offer similar incentives in the form of tax credits. With an energy audit from Star Spray Foam Systems, they can tell you how much circulation is being wasted in your home, how they will fix it, and how much you stand to save each month. Better still, they will file the paperwork for local, state, and federal rebates for you. This all translates to more money in your pockets.

Get Paid to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

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Get Paid to Keep Your House Cool This Summer Get Paid to Keep Your House Cool This SummerIn the warm days of summer, getting away from the heat can be a huge relief. It can also be expensive with highs in the upper 90s and low100s. Louisiana residents, however, can consider themselves lucky. There are local programs in place that will reimburse you for weatherizing your home. Additionally, there are several federal programs that offer 10% of costs spent improving home efficiency back in the form of tax credits. These programs literally pay you money for spending money!

Spray foam insulation can improve a home’s efficiency by up to 40% in most cases, and even more in severe instances. With an energy audit from Star Spray Foam Systems, a professional in the field of building science will be able to determine where your current cooling system is inefficient. Using this information, problem areas can be repaired, and an estimate of the home’s potential improvement can be made. Once applied, spray foam will make your air conditioner run much less, while keeping your home as cool as you want it to be. A 30% upgrade in efficiency qualifies you for a $2,000 rebate via the HERO Program, in Louisiana.

The rebate from HERO, coupled with the tax credits from the U.S. Government, can add up fast. Some people will be eligible for up to $12,000 in rebates and tax credits. For those of us who really love money, there’s even more you should know. When installed properly, spray foam insulation can shave off up to 50% of your electric bill. With so much money to be had, who could afford not to start saving?

When it comes to rebates and tax credits, there can also be some hassles, like the paperwork. With the energy audit from Star Spray Foam Systems, a professional with the Department of Natural Resources’ Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) designation, and Building Performance Institute (BPI) Science Certification will process all the rebates and tax incentives for you, at the state, federal and local levels. This means you won’t have to worry about doing any paperwork. Instead, you can focus on reaping the benefits of spray foam insulation.

Aerogel: Newest Technology on Wall Insulation

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Aerogel Newest Technology on Wall Insulation Aerogel: Newest Technology on Wall Insulation

Despite the availability of tax incentives and rebates passed by the legislation as means to control the skyrocketing costs of energy consumption, over 40% of the nation’s energy consumption is still spent controlling the temperature inside buildings. Of this, 30% is wasted due to poor insulation. But the availability of the Aerogel, the best insulating material developed by NASA, to homes and other establishments may just be the solution to the current energy crisis. As such, several groups are pushing for the use of aerogel as one of the recommendations given after an energy audit.

What is Aerogel
Aerogel is more commonly known as frozen smoke. It is a dry and rigid material with strong insulation properties. It is made from gas and thus, is known to reverse heat transfers. Other than that, they are good inhibitors in the sense that air cannot penetrate through its lattice. As such, it has the ability to sustain dryness in a well-sealed container.

Types of Aerogel
There are three types of aerogel based on its active ingredient: silica, carbon and alumina. Each of these types of aerogel has different uses. For instance, alumina is used in NASA’s experiments involving particles travelling in hypervelocity while the carbon aerogel is commonly used in the manufacture of composite paper. Meanwhile, the silica aerogel which absorbs infrared radiation is used in house insulation. It allows light to enter any infrastructure but traps heat for solar heating. At present, the silica aerogel holds fifteen entries in the Guinness Book of World Records, including lowest density solid and the best insulator.

To reinforce the insulating properties of the silica aerogel, Thermablock developed a material that can be bent or compressed with the help of a unique fiber. The resulting product is a cost-efficient house insulation material that can potentially increase the wall’s insulation factor by up to 40%. A strip of only 6.25mm x 38mm is said to be enough to achieve such level of insulation.

Benefits of the Bettered Silica Aerogel for Insulation
Aerogel technology has been used by NASA on their space transportations for several years. This is a good enough proof of the materials resilience when it comes to trapping solar heat. Creating an aerogel model for home use will potentially revolutionize energy conservation in the future. Other benefits associated with this product include:

  1. It is environmental friendly. The Thermablock, the patented silica aerogel for house insulation, helps reduce the carbon footprint of any establishment. It is made of about 30% recycled material and is completely recyclable.
  2. It is economical because it only takes a thin sheet of about 6.25mm x 38mm to stop the wasting of energy. And the great thing about this residential silica aerogel is that it defies the natural wear and tear associated with age. The secret behind this fact is its hydrophobic nature, which means that it is unaffected by water.
  3. Lastly, it is light weight and easy to apply through its stick-on-back for a hassle-free local application.

The introduction of the residential version of the silica aerogel could be the answer to the country’s current energy crisis. Home energy audit services will be much more time worthy if their recommendations are heeded but with the silica aerogel around, there is no reason why homeowners and business owners would still be wasting energy.

For the best home energy audit firm in Louisiana that provides reasonable energy recommendations, call us at 504-383-3261.

Technology ushered in a plethora of things that make people’s live easier. The things which were once unthought-of such as thermal imaging technology are now slowly becoming household names due to their relevance in the day to day lives of almost all individuals. Thermography, as another term for thermal imaging, is widely used in military operations because it provides the armed forces  with vision even in extremely dark places. But the use of this technology is no longer confined within military activities alone as it has been applied in house or building maintenance, too.

Thermal Imaging in Home Energy Auditing

This technology is now also being used in home energy auditing, an essential method necessary before insulating a home. Aided by thermal imaging cameras, service providers can now determine the areas where heat transfer is unbridled or where air leaks are severe so that necessary actions such as insulation can be employed.  This device displays images represented by temperature and detects infrared radiation which is emitted by almost all objects. As radiation increases relative to the temperature, warmer objects are highly visible compared with cooler ones. So determining which area needs the immediate attention is done in no time.

With the help of thermal imaging, it is easy to locate or determine which part of your house needs insulation. In fact, thermal imaging is even still necessary even after roof insulation or attic insulation. With the help of this technology, you can determine whether your house is properly insulated or not.

In addition to determining which part of your house has holes or where air leaks, this tool is also used alongside a moisture meter to determine presence of moisture or water ingress without the need to cause any damage to the building and before it becomes visible to the human eye. With this tool, you can prevent growth of molds inside your home, which can pose threat to you and your family’s health.  Of course, using thermal imaging, you can also prevent molds or moisture to cause further damage to your house.

Thermal imaging is a very efficient and accurate method, thus you are assured that you won’t be spending money for insulation that you do not need. The home energy auditing process can also be made faster with thermal imaging. In fact, using this tool, an auditor can complete home energy auditing in a few hours. Thus, when selecting an energy auditing firm, make sure that they use thermal imaging as this method assures you accurate evaluation.

Proper evaluation of your home is an essential step to proper insulation. When evaluation and insulation are done properly, you are not only assured of savings on your energy bills but also a more efficient moisture management, and better thermal comfort.

For superior house insulation and home energy auditing services in New Orleans, one of the top companies to go to is New Orleans Spray Foam Insulation.  Talk to a professional from this firm now by calling 504-383-3261 or visiting EcoStarfoam.com.

Thermal Imaging Improves Energy Auditing New Orleans Thermal Imaging Improves Energy Auditing, New Orleans

An energy audit is the first step towards a new and improved home or business. This is the method of assessing a building on how it can use less energy while staying efficient or even more efficient than before.

Most people may not realize it but the fact of the matter is, an average home or building consumes more electricity than it has to. One of the main causes of this is gaps and cracks on walls, floors, the attic, and roof. Basically what happens is that the air inside leaks outside. This leads to a less comfortable temperature inside. Either it becomes too cold or too hot. The tendency of people when this happens is to crank up the air conditioning or heater unit to make it more comfortable again hence using more energy.

Quite frankly, this is a huge waste of electricity. But, with energy audit, this can be completely avoided. What this does is check for areas to improve in the home or building. Cracks are covered, doors and windows optimized, and the entire structure is optimized with insulation. These will keep the conditioned air inside from leaking out and unwanted air outside from leaking in which causes an imbalance.

Thermal Imaging to Perform Better Energy Audit
It is not easy to spot areas where insulation is most needed when it comes to an energy audit. Temperature is not visible. So, the solution to this is to make use of thermal imaging.

Thermal imaging is a very powerful tool when it comes to energy auditing because it allows for a clearer view of what the home or building needs. In using it, the auditor will be able to find exactly where the leaks are and where spray foam is needed the most.

With the use of thermal imaging, energy audit can be done in a faster and an even more efficient manner. This is why it is recommended for any person who wants to have business or home energy audit services done to ensure that this technology is used to get the best and most accurate results for your energy efficiency improvements. With energy auditing, you will be able to save a lot of money. With the help of thermal imaging, you can save even more. This can really help home owners and business owners a whole lot.

On top of saving on utility costs, an energy audit can also lead to huge benefits in tax. Federal and local governments also give incentives to homes and businesses that take the initiative to go green. This is a way to promote a cleaner and better environment for all. At the same time, this is a way for people to help in their own way to protect the Earth and save some money in doing so.

Today, thermal imaging has become one of the most powerful tools in making a building or home safer, greener, and more cost efficient. In using this during, it will lead to huge benefits and incentives. If you want to enjoy the benefits of energy auditing, then it’s time to call (504) 383-3261 today.

New Orleans Efficient Energy is Better Business Energy Auditing a Business Establishment New Orleans   Efficient Energy is Better Business  Energy Auditing a Business Establishment

The new trend in business today is energy auditing. With the rise of public concern regarding environment protection, energy audit is a welcomed service to keep homes and buildings more energy efficient and cost effective. Basically, in this process, a building’s energy consumption and factors that affect it is assessed by an expert in insulation and construction. Energy auditors then make recommendations, based on the findings, on how to make the building more energy efficient. This is done through various improvements including roof insulation with the use of spray foam and replacing particular materials among other things.

So, the main goal of energy auditing is to create a more comfortable indoor atmosphere. In doing so, the owner spends less money on heating, air conditioning, and other comfort utilities. And because of the money that can be saved with this service, this process has become really enticing to several business owners.

It is no secret that businesses in the United States today are looking for several ways in order to save money and make a profit. With the hits the economy is taking, more and more businesses are closing down. It is time to make changes. It’s time to take steps to save as much money as possible if you want your business to stay afloat. That being said, energy auditing offers this solution.

As mentioned earlier, one of the key factors why people go for an energy audit is the fact that it can lead to a lot of savings in terms of utilities. But, it doesn’t end there. Once your business establishment has been properly audited and the improvements are implemented, not only will it be much more comfortable, it will also be safer as well.

Due to foam insulation, gaps on walls, roofs, and floors will be filled up. No conditioned air will leak out. But this also means that no dust, particles, and germs from the outside will get in as well. In the long run, energy auditing makes the air inside your establishment cleaner and safer for you, your employees, and the customers. This is particularly helpful for restaurants and other businesses that need to keep their operation space clean and free from potential hazards.

By staying clean, businesses can also save on medical bills for employees and ensure the safety of customers.

Whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, retail store, or office space, each one of these businesses can greatly benefit from proper energy audit. This will lead to a cleaner, safer, and more cost effective business establishment which any owner will appreciate. But, it still doesn’t end there.

The public always appreciate a business or company that takes importance in keeping the planet clean and safe. That in mind, through these improvements a business can boast about being clean and green. This can translate to more customers, more sales, and a better overall image in the eyes of the public; and of course, that never hurts.

If you want to enjoy the benefits an energy auditing service offers, just give a call to (504) 383-3261 for accurate energy audit or talk to an expert at New Orleans – Efficient Energy is Better Business- Energy Auditing a Business Establishment

Blower Door Testing and Air Leakage

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Blower Door Testing and Air Leakage Blower Door Testing and Air Leakage

Home owners have now learnt that getting an energy audit of the house is the first step towards building an energy efficient home. The audit process helps them understand the amount and type of energy leaving their house. To determine this, the auditors check your house completely by means of various procedures. To begin with they check the characteristics of your homes thermal envelope which include the walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, and skylights. The house is checked for openings that lead to energy leak. The appliances you use are checked to see if they are over consuming energy economically or not.

To carry out all these tests Energy Auditors use a number of equipment. One amongst the many equipment they use is Blower Door. A blower door is a machine that is used to check the air leaks in your house. It is installed towards the outside of the door. It usually does not take long to set up the equipment. After getting the house ready for the blower door test the fan is turned on. The operator will increase the speed to a point where negative pressure develops in the house i.e. around 25 to 50 pascals.

The blower door checks the infiltration of air within your house. Infiltration is related to how leaky or tight your home is. Generally not all the leaks come from the doors and windows; they could also come from basement and the attic as well. But many seek to close the openings around the doors and windows only. When we shut off the infiltration of air from the doors and windows we enhance the infiltration from the basement and the attic. This does not serve purpose. In many cases the air coming in the house through the attic and basement openings proves harmful for the residents. Thus energy auditors provide recommendations that help the home owner to seal the gaps in a manner that the hose will not lose the healthy air coming in and the unhealthy air stays out.

The blower door helps the auditor to understand the amount of air that is entering the structure. It will also let the auditor know of the house is too leaky or too tight or just right. Accordingly the auditor will let you know of the changes you need to make.

Many people with new homes have a feeling that their house is free of any sort of infiltration. This however is a misconception. There have been cases where many new homes have been found with leaks and need serious repairing.
The use of blower doors is best left to professionals who understand the indications it gives and the operation of it. StarEnergyAudits.com is a leading service provider for professional energy audits. Our team of qualified professionals analyze your house thoroughly and propose effective measures to reduce energy wastage. We are well known for our impeccable services in New Orleans, Louisiana and surrounding area.  Call 504.383.3261


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Brad Harris, owner of Star Spray Foam, LLC and Star Energy Audits, LLC is officially certified by Building Performance Institute (BPI) and Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET).

A Building Performance Institute (BPI) certification signifies that this nationally recognized program, a leading developer of technical standards, has accredited Brad Harris for home performance and weatherization retrofitting work, across North America.

A Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) certification signifies that Mr. Harris is also accredited by this national organization that regulates energy efficiency in buildings.

These certifications are the only nationally recognized certifications accepted by Home Star and Star Energy federal programs. These home energy retrofits and weatherization incentive programs are a core component of federal stimulus funds.

At this time, there are only 19 other Home Energy Auditors in Louisiana with this double certification.  So, when choosing your energy auditor, keep in mind the competencies and accreditations required to provide you with a thorough and professional audit.

Call Brad Harris with Star Spray Foam, LLC and Star Energy Audits, LLC today at 504-383-3261.