New Orleans-Go Green with Spray Foam Insulation

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Go Green with Spray Foam Insulation1 New Orleans Go Green with Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a polyurethane foam widely used to insulate walls and ceiling in homes and offices. A spray foam insulation is the best way to protect your homes or offices from severe hot summers and extremely cold winters and to reduce your energy cost remarkably and significantly. This foam performs a dual role of acting as an insulating material and as an air sealer. It is a mixture of isocyanate and a resin which combines to form an expanding foam that is sprayed to fill the cracks and cavities.

It is a liquid polyurethane which after application dries into a hardened foam. Being a liquid foam it is easier to spray into the small cracks and crevices where it expands to fill the void spaces providing an effective protection. It covers and seals the entire area and does not permit air or moisture to penetrate it as it fills and seals insulation voids that other types of insulation failed to reach or protect.  Mold and mildew formation can be curbed as moisture is controlled. There is absolutely no other superior and finer home insulating material available than the spray foam to seal your home from air and moisture invasion, to save on your energy bills and to protect your family from air borne contaminants and allergens.

Spray foam has an exceptionally high insulation R value and can effectively withstand heat flow which is the main purpose of insulation. Apart form temperature and moisture control spray foam insulation also controls noise as it acts as an obstruction or barricade to air borne sounds and noises by reducing sound transmission through the walls of the buildings. As it is non-toxic in nature it is absolutely harmless and also lasts a lifetime giving your home a better seal by regulating the indoor temperature.

Spray foam insulation is also considered as a best environment friendly insulation as it does not contain any harmful chemicals or formaldehyde. Though this type of insulation is a bit costly,  the cost of spray foam insulation can be easily recovered in a period of four or five years time simply through energy savings alone. Moreover as spray foams fill into every crack and void space in the home there is definitely no possibility of bugs and other pests infestation and you can also cut down on the extermination costs.

The do-it-yourself spray foam cans are available at all leading home improvement stores which helps to perfectly seal and cover up cracks and gaps in doors, windows, pipes, fittings and other appliances. However to undertake large projects  it is best to take the help of a professional to get it done in a perfect and impeccable way.

Spray foam insulation excels and surpasses the traditional insulation methods on account of its superior quality and commendable features. Spray foam insulation is the ultimate choice to stop air and moist infiltration, save on your energy bills, add strength to your building structure and to make your home a more relaxed and comfortable place to live in by making it truly noise-proof.

Top Spray Foam Applications in New Orleans

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Top Spray Foam Applications in New Orleans Top Spray Foam Applications in New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the biggest users of spray foam insulation in the United States today. This is because the technology, when used in homes and even in commercial buildings, has a lot of benefits and advantages. It is considered as an investment which would eventually pay for itself after a few years time; in some cases it only takes months. This is because of the energy savings that you can enjoy once the foam has been installed into your home or building.

There are actually two ways in which you can save money with spray foam insulation. The first is due to the foam being able to retain comfortable temperatures in the house or building throughout the summer and winter. This means that you are able to save on heating and air conditioning costs. The second way to save money is because the use of foam insulation is considered as an eco-friendly improvement by the government and hence you can enjoy nice tax breaks and incentives.

Because of these advantages and benefits, the use of spray foam insulation in New Orleans has become very enticing. Today, there are 5 top applications of this technology in your home or building.

            I. Ceiling and Floor
Insulation for home ceiling and floor is the top application of spray foam. Sustaining optimal temperature inside the house or building can be achieved by properly insulating these areas of the building or home. At the same time, floor insulation is able to prevent the buildup of moisture on the floor which can have a direct affect on the humidity of the house.

              II. Walls
Another top application is the use of spray foam on the walls of the house or building. By doing so, it removes the possibility of moisture getting trapped inside your walls and affects the comfortable temperature inside.

              III. Attic
The attic of a home is actually one of the most common areas where air could leak in or out of the house which is why it is imperative that this to be optimized with the use of spray foam insulation.

               IV. Piping
For those who are using water tank heaters, using spray foam on it can also save you money. This is because it is able to prevent the heat from escaping hence the heater will not have to work as hard or as long in order to maintain hot water. At the same time, this can also serve as a protective barrier for the pipes

               V. Building Ducts
In New Orleans, foam insulation is also widely used in HVAC units to prevent air leaking out in gaps or holes within the network of ducts. This allows the entire system to function more efficiently.

Aside from these 5 areas of a home or building, spray foam insulation is also becoming popular when it comes to sound-proofing a room. It is also great at diminishing the residual noise you hear from outside of your house. This is particularly helpful when you live near a busy highway or an airport.

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Use Spray Foam Insulation to drive down your energy consumption Use Spray Foam Insulation to drive down your energy consumption

Heating and cooling of a home and office building can prove to be a costly convenience, no matter where you live. A poorly insulated building consumes lot more energy in heating and cooling as compared to a well insulated one. It is advisable to pay attention to the quality of insulation in their home or office building. The most notable ability of spray foam insulation is its ability to seal all holes and cracks, be it a large or tiny one.  The primary objective of Spray foam insulation is to reduce heat transfer by stopping air leaks and keep warm air in and cold air out during the winter and keep warm air out and cold air in during summers. Other notable benefit of spray foam insulation is that it is easier to insulate around obstructions, such as pipes, vents, duct work, electrical wiring etc. This remarkably brings down heating and cooling needs of the buildings and energy consumption down drastically. Most estimates suggests the time taken to recover the initial cost of insulating through energy savings is around two to four years but actual cost savings are dependent on a number of factors, including the age and condition of the home, the age and type of windows and doors, and average temperature in that area. Spray foam is far better insulator than any other insulation products available in the markets.