Spray Foam New Orleans

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Spray Foam New Orleans Spray Foam New Orleans

Star Spray Foam Systems, LLC provides Spray Foam Insulation service to the residential homes and commercial buildings of New Orleans, Louisiana, and nearby regions. Our spray foam Insulation protects your home from air and moisture intrusion and lowers the energy bills.

Considered to be the best home insulation and commercial roofing membrane, Spray Foam Insulation helps in the optimum utilization of resources and protects your family’s health from unseen hazards.

Spray Foam is an environmental friendly and is made of polyurethane material. When sprayed the material is in liquid form and reaches the most recessed corners of the wall. On exposure to oxygen it expands to a size 100 times more than the original volume, thus sealing the gaps in the wall completely.

Compared to other insulation materials available in the market, Spray foam insulation may seem a little expensive. But in the long run you will know that the money you spend is worth it. Spray foam tends to pay off well over the time in terms of utility savings as it provides maximum insulation. Also it has to its credit many benefits apart from bill saving.

Spray foam is a difficult material to deal with as improper application of the material can lead to structural damage and thus it requires professional assistance.  EcoStarFoam.com is a leading service provider for spray foam insulation installation. Our team of professionals uses durable spray foam of various well known brands that cover every cavity in your house and make your home energy efficient. We are expert spray foam insulation contractors in New Orleans, Louisiana and also serve in Venice, Metairie, Hammond, Slidell, Mississippi, Houma and its nearby areas.

About Author
Star Spray Foam Insulation is locally owned and operated by Brad Harris. Our Office is located in New Orleans and operates in the Gulf South region to include Biloxi to Venice. Baton Rouge to Houma. Brad Harris has been a residential builder since 1996 and has a complete understanding of Residential and Commercial business and considers the most efficient and effective means of accomplishing the job under any circumstances.

Solar Power Fans for Attics

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Solar Power Fans for Attics Solar Power Fans for Attics

Solar power attic fans offer an environmental friendly and cost effective solution to summer time cooling problems. Attic fans don’t just ventilate your attic they cool down your entire house and since a solar powered fan’s motor is powered by the sun, it runs at its strongest just when cooling down is needed the most. Solar powered fans help you to save lots of money by cooling down your attic without the need to turn your air conditioner on whilst also improving the ventilation of attic. Solar powered fans are really easy to install and are available to fit all roof types. Their solar panel is adjustable and they reduces cooling load of cooling systems.

Keeping the attic ventilated helps to increase the life of roofing materials since it avoids the growth of moss, mildew and molds. Proper passage of air into the attic limits the increase of moisture in the surroundings which are the prerequisites of for all these to grow. So a Solar powered fan will make your attic cooler, on other hand also improve the ventilation while reducing your electricity bill.

Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation

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Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation has its own wide spread advantages as compared to other kind of insulation available in the market. Spray foam blocks airflow by expanding and sealing all cracks, holes and apertures. It serve as almost perfect vapor barrier and that too with a  better permeability rating than plastic sheeting vapor barriers thus reducing the build up of moisture, which causes mold growth.  It increases structural stability in very similar manner to wet-spray cellulose also it can be applied even in small quantities wherever needed. Spray foam can be used in places where loose-fill cannot be used such as between joists and rafters. When spray foam is used between rafters it covers up the protruding nails from the underside of the casing, decreasing chances of getting injured. One of the most important bonus with spray foam is that can fill wall cavities in finished walls without tearing the walls apart. Spray foam insulation makes your home more comfortable and healthier place to live in and has a higher R-value than other insulators so it provides better insulation. It decreases energy consumption hence decreasing energy bills. Spray foam improves air quality and is permanent in nature additionally it also provides sound insulation for residential and commercial buildings.

Spray Foam – Safe and Green Insulation

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Spray Foam Safe and Green Insulation Spray Foam   Safe and Green Insulation

Spray foam is typically applied directly in between wall studs as the last step before installing the drywall .It fills all cracks and holes making an air-tight seal thus preventing insects, moisture from coming in and also minimize mold and water damage. You’ll no longer have to fumigate with dangerous pesticides saving your resources.

In comparison to fiber glass insulation spray foam is lot safer. Fiber glass is known to cause skin allergy to lot of people when it comes in direct contact also when fiber glass on falling falls disintegrate into very small particles causing irritation in eyes and skin and sometimes even bigger medical emergencies where as spray foam is made up of much safer material which is renewable and recyclable, it stays put and does not disintegrate and can also be used to insulate floors and ceilings.

Spray foam covers more thorough area than fiberglass or cellulose and prevent both roaches and mold from sneaking into your home. This insulation is difficult to tear through and helps you maintain a cleaner, more hygienic house, eliminating health risks for you and your family. By using renewable and recyclable resources, spray foam we contribute back to both the economy and the environment.

Cut Your Energy Expenses

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Cut Your Energy Expenses 300x150 Cut Your Energy Expenses

Spray foam is one of the most effective and greenest insulators presently available. Energy saving is one of the primary environmental benefits of spray foam insulation it lowers your energy bills while concurrently contributing to the environment. Spray foam insulation keeps your home and office warm during cold months, and keeps it cool when it becomes hot cuttings down energy requirement by 20-40%. The amount of energy saved in your home and business is remarkable so by insulating your home with this energy-efficient material, you are using less energy and save your hard earned money.

Spray foam insulation initially cost more than traditional fiberglass or cellulose insulation as it can only be applied by professionals but energy it  saves  will eventually pay for itself also there are additional tax benefits available for owners who are able to document their green efforts. Buildings with spray foam insulation also sell at higher prices thus adding value to your property so your environmental concern will also prove to be an investment for the future.