Attic Insulation – Options To Choose From

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Attic Insulation – Options To Choose From Attic Insulation – Options To Choose FromEverything that springs from creation is created twice: first in the mind, and then in reality. Just like in building your dream house, you must first imagine it in your mind, and then build it in reality. But foremost in the planning of your house should be the precise and proper insulation of the attic, which is more exposed and therefore more prone to damage. Attic insulation does not simply refer to plugging every leak; it is also about scientifically sealing every nook and cranny of the attic to prevent dissipation of heat, transmission of sound, and conduction of electricity. Likewise, attic insulation means the use of scientifically tested insulating materials for effective insulation.

You can save a lot of energy if your attic is well insulated. We all know that heat flows from warmer areas to cooler areas, thus it flows freely through leaks in the attic. With proper attic insulation, your air-conditioning system would not be taxed as hard, so you can save energy and money.

There are three popular types of attic insulation materials:

  1. Foam insulation is the fast growing choice for attic insulation. It can make your attic fire-resistant because it is flame retardant. Likewise, it can easily fit into difficult corners of the attic for easy installation.
  2. Fiberglass insulation is the traditional way of insulating your attic. Fiberglass can be very effective for almost 35 years. It is flame retardant and is chemically safe.
  3. Cellulose insulation is cost effective and can easily be installed. However, it’s not fire-resistant. Flame-retardant chemicals are mixed with it to make it more resistant to fire.

Many benefits can be derived from proper attic insulation, including safety. Leaks gradually weaken the attic. Without proper care, the structural support of the attic will be compromised, which risks the safety of your entire house. However, with proper insulation, your attic will stand firm against any inclement weather. Moreover, you can save yourself a lot of hard-earned money with proper attic insulation. However, if there are structural defects from the outset, fixing them immediately will save you a lot of headaches.

New Orleans-Go Green with Spray Foam Insulation

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Go Green with Spray Foam Insulation1 New Orleans Go Green with Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a polyurethane foam widely used to insulate walls and ceiling in homes and offices. A spray foam insulation is the best way to protect your homes or offices from severe hot summers and extremely cold winters and to reduce your energy cost remarkably and significantly. This foam performs a dual role of acting as an insulating material and as an air sealer. It is a mixture of isocyanate and a resin which combines to form an expanding foam that is sprayed to fill the cracks and cavities.

It is a liquid polyurethane which after application dries into a hardened foam. Being a liquid foam it is easier to spray into the small cracks and crevices where it expands to fill the void spaces providing an effective protection. It covers and seals the entire area and does not permit air or moisture to penetrate it as it fills and seals insulation voids that other types of insulation failed to reach or protect.  Mold and mildew formation can be curbed as moisture is controlled. There is absolutely no other superior and finer home insulating material available than the spray foam to seal your home from air and moisture invasion, to save on your energy bills and to protect your family from air borne contaminants and allergens.

Spray foam has an exceptionally high insulation R value and can effectively withstand heat flow which is the main purpose of insulation. Apart form temperature and moisture control spray foam insulation also controls noise as it acts as an obstruction or barricade to air borne sounds and noises by reducing sound transmission through the walls of the buildings. As it is non-toxic in nature it is absolutely harmless and also lasts a lifetime giving your home a better seal by regulating the indoor temperature.

Spray foam insulation is also considered as a best environment friendly insulation as it does not contain any harmful chemicals or formaldehyde. Though this type of insulation is a bit costly,  the cost of spray foam insulation can be easily recovered in a period of four or five years time simply through energy savings alone. Moreover as spray foams fill into every crack and void space in the home there is definitely no possibility of bugs and other pests infestation and you can also cut down on the extermination costs.

The do-it-yourself spray foam cans are available at all leading home improvement stores which helps to perfectly seal and cover up cracks and gaps in doors, windows, pipes, fittings and other appliances. However to undertake large projects  it is best to take the help of a professional to get it done in a perfect and impeccable way.

Spray foam insulation excels and surpasses the traditional insulation methods on account of its superior quality and commendable features. Spray foam insulation is the ultimate choice to stop air and moist infiltration, save on your energy bills, add strength to your building structure and to make your home a more relaxed and comfortable place to live in by making it truly noise-proof.

Insulation around Water Heaters

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Insulation around Water Heaters Insulation around Water Heaters

If you live in areas where winter can be bitingly cold, it is important that you have ready-to-use hot water 24/7. A typical residential water tank can hold up to 60 gallons of hot water every day but when the tank does not have enough insulation, the heat from the tank could easily dissipate. That is why it is important that when you’re doing house insulation, you must not forget to check the temperature of your water tank too. If it feels too warm when you touch it, then that signifies that you need to work on improving your tank’s ability to store hot water.

Why do you need insulation around water heaters
Fuel is consumed when water is heated. If there is enough insulation, hot water remains hot even if the tank is no longer using fuel to make it hot. If left on its original casing, your water tank losses around 25%-45% heat. But with enough padding, you can save about 4-9% in water heating costs.

Insulating Water Heaters
Water heater insulation can be achieved in various ways. The easiest and fasted fix will be to wrap the tank with a fiberglass blanket. There are kits readily available that contain the fiberglass blanket, heavy plastic sheet and a heat-resistant tape to keep the blanket in place. There are also kits that include materials for insulating the water pipes.

But if you don’t have the time to perform the above-mentioned insulation process yourself, you can also pay for foam insulation. Foam or cellulose insulation is recommended for intricate piping systems because it easily fits through any space.

No matter which material you choose, there are a few things that you should remember about insulation around water heaters.

  1. If you will use pre cut blankets, make sure that you measure your pipes and water tank first. Also, clean the area to make sure that the tapes will really stick to all the elements of your water heating system.
  2. Go for pipe and water tank blankets and jackets with an R-value of 8.
  3. Don’t forget to add a bottom board under the tank if you want to save more heating energy.
  4. Make sure that insulate the pipe nearest your water tank. This is because the greatest heat loss is said to take place in the pipe closest to your tank. By making sure that that part is well-insulated, you are saving more energy than you would if you wrap everything up aside from that one pipe.
  5. Set the thermostat between 120 and 130 degrees. Anything lower will cool your water down and anything higher will overheat the wires.

You may do the water heater insulation process on your own only if you have an electric water heater tank because the plumbing is more direct and uncomplicated. However, if you own a gas water heater tank, it would be best to hire some professionals who have been trained for the job. This insulation is highly combustible and if you do the job wrong, injury and the heater getting messed up are possibilities.

For professional insulators within Louisiana, call us at 504-383-3261 or visit:

Foam Insulation Needed As New Housing Unveils in New Orleans. Foam Insulation Needed As New Housing Unveils in New Orleans

What were once unsafe and decrepit housing projects in New Orleans has been transformed into brand new dwellings, many of which benefit from energy-saving features such as spray foam insulation.

One of the city’s under developed neighborhoods, the Magnolia projects is renamed Harmony Oaks Apartments, a complex partially subsidized by the government to address the housing needs of lower-income families. Harmony Oaks Apartments comprises of 460-units replacing one of the public housing compounds swept by Katrina.

Apartment owners claim that along with changes in infrastructure came a peaceful and safer environment. Shootings and drug dealing once plagued the old projects.

Another means for residents to save on expenses is by employing foaming insulation treatments that cut down energy costs. An alternative to conventional insulation, spray foam insulation is sprayed on concrete interiors, wall cavities, and roof tiles, filling air gaps and protecting the building from moisture.

The old model of gated housing projects is now replaced by a mix of market-valued and government-subsidized houses. 900 units have opened to homeowners in New Orleans, setting in place a development plan of 3,100 more houses.

New Orleans housing is unique in its complete overhaul of all public housing projects instead opting for gradual restoration. Locals agree that this wave of development provide a more livable habitation and attract less crime which was a major problem in decades-old housing projects. Some advocates however warn that a number of poor families still would not be able to afford brand new units.

Only 5,000 families occupied the city’s 12,000 public dwellings after Katrina, according to government statistics. These public housing units were then demolished after city officials coordinated with private developers to rebuild new houses.

A lot of the public housing in New Orleans were constructed at the end of the Great Depression to create new jobs. Through decades the houses were poorly maintained. A spike in crime rate paired with neglect drove homeowners to move out. Katrina further emptied the government housing projects.

Now reports of crime have steadily dropped since the construction of new units. In a compound renamed Columbia Parc, communities have gradually formed as film viewings and social events in clubhouses once again lit up the neighborhood.

Public housing projects make up about a third of the new developments. Housing officials say that many families who have been displaced will have to wait a while to get units. Harmony Oaks holds a 4,000-person waiting list.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, those unable to dwell in complexes can apply for a federal voucher and live in market-priced units. Another waiting list of 22,000 families however might keep them out.

A non-profit agency called Neighborhood Housing Services have observed a rise in jobs and new businesses after new housing welcomed residents of low-income families to better environs and improved neighborhoods.

The new units can further improve and prove more livable by investing in energy-saving and cost-effective means of insulation. Spray foam insulation not only control the temperature and moisture of the building but also reduces airborne noise transferred through the floor, walls and roof. New Orleans would have better quality homes that are not only properly insulated but also more peaceful to dwell in.

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New Orleans Roof Insulation Ways and Benefits of Insulating the Roof New Orleans Roof Insulation: Ways and Benefits of Insulating the Roof

Roof insulation protects the roof from harsh weather elements, such as rain, snow or wind, for the purpose of controlling the temperature within your home.  Basically, roof insulation is done to prevent these elements from affecting the temperature inside your home, thus helping you minimize your energy consumption.

Roof insulation is recommended for people living in areas that experience four seasons each year. By insulating your roof, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Comfort- Insulators can trap warmer temperature inside the house, thus creating a tepid environment within the house despite the drop of the temperature outside your dwelling.
  • Saving/energy efficient- As a domino effect of trapping warmer temperature, there’s no need for temperature regulator devices within the house so it will entail savings from electric bill and appliance procurement.
  • Noise resistant- Houses with installed insulators are more peaceful as it not only traps temperature but also noises from outside.

There are three types roof insulation, and these are fiberglass insulation, cellulose fiber insulation, foam insulation. Fiberglass insulation requires the use and installation of fiberglass in rolls and sheets.  Meanwhile cellulose fiber insulation requires use of recycled paper treated with fire retardant while foam spray insulation requires use of foam spray usually applied in the undersides of the roof and fills the gap in and between the tiles.  While all these methods protect the roof from damage caused by rain, wind or snow, and traps cold air inside a home during the summer months and warmth during winter, spray foam insulation is preferred by many because it is more efficient and offers long term benefits.

Foam Spray Insulation for the Roof
Foam spray insulation is considered the most efficient insulation methods for the roof for it protects the roof from harsh outdoor elements such as wind, rain and snow, as well as pests and moisture.

This type of insulation works well for the roof because it covers the entire roof with no gaps, making the roof astonishingly air tight as compared to other materials. The best thing about this insulating procedure for the roof is that it does not alter the look of your roof, thus you won’t have to spend more money for reconstructing your roof or house just to properly seal it. With foam insulation, the foam is only applied beneath the roofing material to seal the room so that cool air from your air-conditioning unit does not leak out during the summer months and cool air from the outside during winter cannot get into your home. This way, you can save a lot of money with this roof insulation method in the long run. Aside from this benefit, you will also enjoy tax incentives, depending on your state, for availing this environmentally friendly procedure.

Aside from the economic benefits it offers, this roof insulation method also prevents moisture that can facilitate growth of molds inside your house. This keeps you and your family safe from health risks that molds can cause.

Value of Knowing the R Value New Orleans Value of Knowing the R Value, New Orleans

When it comes to insulation, one of the most important things to consider is the R Value. This basically indicates the efficiency of the material in improving a home or building’s comfort. It is a measurement of how well the material is able to resist heat flow. Basically, the higher R Value an insulation material has the more effective it is at what it does.

Determining how high the R Value one would need in optimizing the energy efficiency of a home would happen during energy auditing. This is perhaps the most crucial step in optimizing the energy efficiency of a home or building. Through this process, all the details of what needs to be done are determined. From materials to be used to where improvements should be made, all of these things can be pre-determined through a proper energy audit.

Another factor in what R-Value to use for insulation is of course, the weather. If the home or building is located in warmer climates, then materials with higher R Value are required. In this way, the walls, door, windows, roof, and floors are able to resist the heat flow better and maintain a cool atmosphere in the home or building.

The climate plays a huge role in determining the material to use based on R Value that you need. But that’s not the only factor. The type of cooling or heating system used inside the building is also very crucial to determine what material to use.

After the energy audit has been done and all of these factors are configured in, there are several materials to choose from for insulation. Of course there’s wood, fiberglass, and blankets. Although these materials perform okay, they are not really ideal when it comes to improving energy efficiency for several reasons. One, they are not easy to work with in filling cavities, gaps, and cracks. They are also difficult to work with when you need to insulate the roof or attic. Secondly, they do not have high R Values as well which means they do not provide good house insulation.

Now, there are particular materials that work well in these situations. One of the most popular choices today is cellulose insulation. This is a very flexible material which can be easily applied between walls, in attics, the roof, and almost anywhere that you might need it. The great thing about this material is that it can simply be pumped into the area it is needed and it is able to properly cover the entire area.

On top of that, cellulose insulation has better R Value compared to any of the other materials previously mentioned. It is perfect for keeping a home or building warm during winter and cool during summer. It has slowly become the most popular choice for builders and owners because of these characteristics.

If you want to see firsthand how effective and efficient this material is when it comes to insulation, get to the nearest phone now and call (504) 383-3261 for more details.

New Orleans Efficient Energy is Better Business Energy Auditing a Business Establishment New Orleans   Efficient Energy is Better Business  Energy Auditing a Business Establishment

The new trend in business today is energy auditing. With the rise of public concern regarding environment protection, energy audit is a welcomed service to keep homes and buildings more energy efficient and cost effective. Basically, in this process, a building’s energy consumption and factors that affect it is assessed by an expert in insulation and construction. Energy auditors then make recommendations, based on the findings, on how to make the building more energy efficient. This is done through various improvements including roof insulation with the use of spray foam and replacing particular materials among other things.

So, the main goal of energy auditing is to create a more comfortable indoor atmosphere. In doing so, the owner spends less money on heating, air conditioning, and other comfort utilities. And because of the money that can be saved with this service, this process has become really enticing to several business owners.

It is no secret that businesses in the United States today are looking for several ways in order to save money and make a profit. With the hits the economy is taking, more and more businesses are closing down. It is time to make changes. It’s time to take steps to save as much money as possible if you want your business to stay afloat. That being said, energy auditing offers this solution.

As mentioned earlier, one of the key factors why people go for an energy audit is the fact that it can lead to a lot of savings in terms of utilities. But, it doesn’t end there. Once your business establishment has been properly audited and the improvements are implemented, not only will it be much more comfortable, it will also be safer as well.

Due to foam insulation, gaps on walls, roofs, and floors will be filled up. No conditioned air will leak out. But this also means that no dust, particles, and germs from the outside will get in as well. In the long run, energy auditing makes the air inside your establishment cleaner and safer for you, your employees, and the customers. This is particularly helpful for restaurants and other businesses that need to keep their operation space clean and free from potential hazards.

By staying clean, businesses can also save on medical bills for employees and ensure the safety of customers.

Whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, retail store, or office space, each one of these businesses can greatly benefit from proper energy audit. This will lead to a cleaner, safer, and more cost effective business establishment which any owner will appreciate. But, it still doesn’t end there.

The public always appreciate a business or company that takes importance in keeping the planet clean and safe. That in mind, through these improvements a business can boast about being clean and green. This can translate to more customers, more sales, and a better overall image in the eyes of the public; and of course, that never hurts.

If you want to enjoy the benefits an energy auditing service offers, just give a call to (504) 383-3261 for accurate energy audit or talk to an expert at New Orleans – Efficient Energy is Better Business- Energy Auditing a Business Establishment

How to keep your house cool with less use of energy How to keep your house cool with less use of energy

With the beginning of summer everyone is looking for cooling options. The sweltering heat causes additional use of energy to keep the house cool. People take course to using more if the air-conditioners. All this adds up to the energy bill you pay per month. This is no less than shock for those you live with a tight budget. The air-conditioner may keep you cool but the energy bill it generates for the month could form beads of sweat on your forehead. Also, it’s not just the money you spend, the over expenditure of energy too is a major problem faced today and it needs immediate attention.

Thus looking for alternative ways to save energy and still keep your house cool in the scorching summer heat becomes a likely option. Following are a few suggestions that may help you chill this summer –

  • Consider installing a ceiling fan in your house. Even at high speed the ceiling fan will consume less energy than an air-conditioner. Also they are efficient at keeping the room cooler and circulating the air.
  • Lights also generate heat, hence try and use as few lights as possible. Also this will save energy as most of the tube-lights use more energy in generating heat rather than light.
  • Even though it is good to have the sunlight enter your house, it may not be a great idea for the summers. The more sun light enters your house the more the temperature of your house rises. So keep the shades drawn early morning to keep things as cool as possible.
  • Another quick and effective alternative is to dip yourself in a bathtub filled with cold water. This is very refreshing and also hydrates your body. You can change the water after it gets warm. This method will help you stay cool for a long time even after your bath.

A very effective way of reducing the energy consumption of your house and still keeping it cool is by covering the loop holes that leak the energy out or form inlets for the warm air outside. This can be done by using Spray Foam Insulation. The most important reason why people install spray foam in their house is because it saves money by cutting down on the energy bills. Spray foam insulation efficiently closes the gaps in the walls of the house that are a major reason for air leakage. Spray foam helps to maintain the environment in the house by preventing seepage of warm or cool air from the house, thus cutting down the usage of appliances like heaters and air-conditioners.

The installation of spray foam may cost you a little more than the other installations as it requires professional assistance to be installed. However the cost is covered within a few months of the installation by means of savings made on the energy bills. is a leading service provider for spray foam insulation installation. Our team of professionals use durable spray foam of various well known brands that cover every cavity in your house and make your home energy efficient. We are well known for our top quality services in New Orleans, Louisiana and surrounding area.

Things you need to know before spray foam insulation installation Things you need to know before spray foam insulation installation

Spray foam insulation is gradually becoming everyone’s preferred insulation choice to insulate their homes or workplace. Its capability to give a sturdy and maintenance free covering to the house, reduce the energy expense and increase saving on the energy bills have made it a popular choice. But people considering spray foam installation in their house or business need to consider a few things like the area of your house or business you want to insulate, the quality of the work that will be provided and the level to which you can participate.

Your quest begins from understanding what the use of spray foam insulation installation service is. Spray foam insulation is a material that covers the gaps in the structure of your house or workplace. The environment within these structures is controlled through appliances like heaters and air-conditioners to make the residents feel comfortable. To maintain this specific environment the insulation of the structure is very important. In case there are any gaps in the structure the air within will seep out and lead to additional use of heaters and air-conditioners. Insulation prevents the air from within to move out or the external air to move within. In this way you do not need to over use the appliances and save on the energy spent. Also you cut back on the money you pay on energy bills monthly.

Before you settle on the company you hire to install spray foam for you, you need to check on the quality of service they give, the qualification of their technicians and their experience in this field. You can start by surveying the service providers in your locality and review their previous work and customer testimonials. This will help you to understand the type of quality they give. Check their experience level and the major projects they have done. Also try and get a feedback on the professionalism shown by the team of installers.

You need to check the team that will perform the installation for you. Spray foam is a difficult substance to handle and needs a person who is well experienced in performing the function. Also the process is expensive as compared to other insulations in the market, thus it is imperative that you hire a team that will do justice to your home improvement project. Insulation if done properly only will help you save money on the monthly utility bills. A poorly done job will not be cost effective and will not give you the required benefits spray foam insulation usually gives.

A very important factor that will decide the choice of your vendor for the installation of spray foam insulation is your budget. Your budget depends on the amount of area you wish to cover. Although the cost of installing spray foam is high you can find a company that is giving you a deal you can afford. is a leading service provider for spray foam insulation installation. Our team of professionals use durable spray foam of various well known brands that cover every cavity in your house and make your home energy efficient. We are well known for our top quality services in New Orleans, Louisiana and surrounding area.

Foam Insulation

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Insulate Your New Home with Foam Insulation Foam Insulation

Insulate Your New Home with Foam Insulation

It is a simple fact that the cost of heating and cooling your home is not going to go down by itself. The cost of energy, whether electricity, oil or gas is steadily increasing and if you are going to keep your costs under control it will have to be done in the way you build your home. Instead of opting for the standard pink fiberglass insulation that only does a moderately effective job of insulating, consider having foam insulation sprayed between the studs in your walls and in the attic between joists and rafters.

This type of foam insulation will create a much better barrier due to the fact that it is sprayed in place. It will fill in gaps and cracks that fiberglass misses. More importantly foam has a much higher R-factor per inch of depth than the pink stuff. It will not sag over time leaving sections of your wall exposed and causing spikes in your utility bills.

For more information on foam insulation, please visit us at Ecostar Foam.