Why Energy Efficiency Audit is Important?

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Why Energy Efficiency Audit is Important Why Energy Efficiency Audit is Important?

Energy costs have risen rapidly and with growing concerns about climate change, no homeowners can ignore the cost-effective ways of saving money on their energy bills. By building energy efficiency, homeowners can increase the value of their property. More and more homeowners have started educating themselves on how to make their home energy efficient.

The first step in making your home energy efficient is to conduct an energy efficiency audit. Home energy audits are easy to carry out and useful in identify areas which needs to made energy efficient.

Getting the Home energy audit done from a certified energy audit done from a certified energy audit company like Eco Star Foam helps to ensure improvements are undertaken in an organized way.

Home Energy Audit Includes:

  • Blower-Door testing
  • Weatherization Programs.
  • Thermal Imaging Video of Home.
  • Duct-Blasting Test.
  • Furnace Flute Testing.
  • Moisture Reading.

After completing the energy efficient audit, Eco Star Foam’s energy auditor will provide you with a full written report of the auditor’s findings with solutions to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Energy audit has its own benefits like:

  • It helps make your home more comfortable using less energy.
  • Prevent wear and tear on your heating and A/C equipments.
  • Lowering your energy bill.
  • Reducing airborne contaminants.
  • Immense help in saving energy

People in North Americans are increasingly looking at ways to improve the energy-efficiency of their homes and are taking substantial steps to do this. Energy efficient audit help home owners save money in the long run.

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Thermal Imaging Improves Energy Auditing New Orleans Thermal Imaging Improves Energy Auditing, New Orleans

An energy audit is the first step towards a new and improved home or business. This is the method of assessing a building on how it can use less energy while staying efficient or even more efficient than before.

Most people may not realize it but the fact of the matter is, an average home or building consumes more electricity than it has to. One of the main causes of this is gaps and cracks on walls, floors, the attic, and roof. Basically what happens is that the air inside leaks outside. This leads to a less comfortable temperature inside. Either it becomes too cold or too hot. The tendency of people when this happens is to crank up the air conditioning or heater unit to make it more comfortable again hence using more energy.

Quite frankly, this is a huge waste of electricity. But, with energy audit, this can be completely avoided. What this does is check for areas to improve in the home or building. Cracks are covered, doors and windows optimized, and the entire structure is optimized with insulation. These will keep the conditioned air inside from leaking out and unwanted air outside from leaking in which causes an imbalance.

Thermal Imaging to Perform Better Energy Audit
It is not easy to spot areas where insulation is most needed when it comes to an energy audit. Temperature is not visible. So, the solution to this is to make use of thermal imaging.

Thermal imaging is a very powerful tool when it comes to energy auditing because it allows for a clearer view of what the home or building needs. In using it, the auditor will be able to find exactly where the leaks are and where spray foam is needed the most.

With the use of thermal imaging, energy audit can be done in a faster and an even more efficient manner. This is why it is recommended for any person who wants to have business or home energy audit services done to ensure that this technology is used to get the best and most accurate results for your energy efficiency improvements. With energy auditing, you will be able to save a lot of money. With the help of thermal imaging, you can save even more. This can really help home owners and business owners a whole lot.

On top of saving on utility costs, an energy audit can also lead to huge benefits in tax. Federal and local governments also give incentives to homes and businesses that take the initiative to go green. This is a way to promote a cleaner and better environment for all. At the same time, this is a way for people to help in their own way to protect the Earth and save some money in doing so.

Today, thermal imaging has become one of the most powerful tools in making a building or home safer, greener, and more cost efficient. In using this during, it will lead to huge benefits and incentives. If you want to enjoy the benefits of energy auditing, then it’s time to call (504) 383-3261 today.