Is Your Home Energy Efficient? Put it to the Test

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Home Energy Efficient Is Your Home Energy Efficient? Put it to the TestMany people think that when they buy a new home, it is state of the art construction. In reality, most homes built in the past ten years, and even homes under construction now, are using outdated insulation methods. If you think your home is above the standard of efficiency, then try an energy audit from Star Spray Foam Systems.

An energy audit will provide you with lots of valuable data. Weak points in ductwork can be pinpointed. Poorly insulated walls and ceilings can be identified. Cracks or holes in the home can be located. Unseen mold and mildew, which can cause serious health problems, can be found as well. All of these issues and more can be easily identified by advanced, professional methods such as depressurization and infrared cameras.

After audits are completed, a summary is made that depicts how much money may be saved monthly with proper insulation. These summaries are accurate findings by professionals certified in building science, not just inflated numbers to influence a purchase.

If you decide to use spray foam insulation in your home, after it is installed, a second energy audit is completed. This will quantify the results of the process in front of your own eyes, before you get your next energy bill. Most people see an average savings of 40-50% a month in their energy bills. Some people will even see a drop as large as 60%.

Spray foam insulation also creates a strong barrier, which helps to keep unwanted pests out. With this protection against infestation, you will not have to pay for expensive exterminator visits. This barrier also protects your home from moisture, which can lead to mold and mildew, and more costly cleanups.

The Department of Energy has found that the average homeowner wastes as much as 40% of the money they spend on heating and cooling because of poor insulation techniques. Those are numbers from a federal agency dedicated to the efficient use of energy. Would it be better to have an energy audit and know for sure your home is efficient, or just chance it, and risk throwing away a lot of money each month? The answer is clear, put your home to the test.

Make your home energy efficient with Spray Foam Insulations Make your home energy efficient with Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation reduce your energy consumption and help lower your energy bills. Spray foam insulation is easy to install and can lower your heating and cooling energy costs by 20%-40%.

Star Spray Foam Systems, LLC offers the revolutionary spray foam insulation service to residential and commercial buildings owners in Louisiana and its surrounding regions. We use the latest cutting-edge equipment for spray foam insulation and help make your home energy efficient – a perfect way to reduce you energy costs.

Spray foam insulation involves pumping of liquid through pressurized spray nozzles on the surface of ceilings or sidewalls, attic and basement walls, forming a continuous insulating barrier. After the application, the liquid expands upon a chemical reaction which eventually forms the foam to fill in gaps. With spray foam insulation technique, you can ensure that your home is completely sealed and shielded from wind, dust and other exterior environmental conditions.

At Star Spray Foam Insulation, we know the insulation technique very well and can help you select the perfect one for your place. With Spray Foam Insulation regarded as one of the best types of insulation available in the market today, Star Spray Foam Systems with the helps of its experienced professional installers provides free energy audit and 10% discount on an instant installation through signing up for our green tip newsletter.

We are expert spray foam insulation contractors in New Orleans, Louisiana and also serve in Venice, Metairie, Hammond, Slidell, Mississippi, Houma and its nearby regions.

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