Eco friendly Home Renovation Tips 6 Eco friendly Home Renovation Tips: Save More Money while Enhancing Comfort in Your Home

Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, it’s not too late to optimize your household’s energy capacity and save on your utility bills. Houses equipped with energy efficient systems such as home insulation tend to last longer and provide residents the true comforts of home. A continuously increasing energy bill might be caused by neglect. While a house that won’t stop triggering allergies due to dust and moisture is definitely not a place to live in. Don’t let the current state of economy discourage you from installing a home insulation system. In fact you’ll be able to add more to your savings by making some key adjustments. Usher in the New Year by making home renovations that’s on the budget and big on the environment.

Here are a few tips to get you affordable and ecofriendly home remodeling: 

1. Know you needs and goals
Evaluate the space you need to cover, the rooms and areas at home you want to renovate. Check the utility bills and see which ones are dubiously high. Identify parts of the house that has been bothering you lately. Check windows, doors especially the main entrance, the attic and the basement. This is your basis for making home renovations that you house might be in dire need, whether it’s new paint job or home insulation.

2. Locate a contract who can talk to you about ecofriendly home renovations
Find a home energy efficiency contractor within your area who can offer advice and services that will improve your water, energy and heating and ventilation at home. If you’re thinking of getting energy auditing or home insulation, get in touch only with contractors who are accredited by the state.

3. Improve you water situation
Check the house pipes, faucets and home appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines for leaks. Your household may be wasting water without you knowing. Always have a bottle of water at hand, filled from water from tap, instead of signature bottled water brands—so you won’t need to keep opening the fridge or water dispenser.

4. Let there be light!
Take advantage of natural light. Draw back the curtains during daytime. Check if you’re using energy-saving light bulbs. If not, replace them. These ecofriendly lamps produce the same results as their non energy-saving counterparts.

5. Audit your home’s energy consumption
To identify more ways with which you can make your home energy efficient and sustainable, get energy auditing. This system will analyze the flow of energy and consumption within your household.

6. No more cold floors, cold walls 
Invest in quality home insulation system. Your rooms shouldn’t be drafty; and the floors should be the right temperature when you step on them. Home insulation not only keeps moisture, mold and outside noise away, it also helps you keep your utility bills low. You won’t need to rely on heaters 24/7 if your house is properly insulated during colder season.

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Getting the Best Home Protection With Insulating Spray Foam1 Getting the Best Home Protection With Insulating Spray Foam

Investing in home insulation can save you money most especially if you are in countries that experience four seasons each year. Home insulation, which basically refers to a technique of controlling a home or a building’s temperature, can help you minimize your energy consumption. It helps you minimize cold weather or heat loss during winter and provides proper air condition during summer.

There are two types of home insulation products: the fiberglass insulation and the spray foam insulation. However, between these two insulation materials, the latter offers more benefits. If you are wondering how insulating spray foam helps you manage your finances in terms of home maintenance, this article will elucidate what it is, how it works, and the benefits it offers.

How Spray Foam Insulation Works and Its Benefits
With insulating spray foam becoming famous nowadays, more and more households are opting to have this kind of insulation installed in their homes. Spray foam insulation is made up mainly of two compounds that when mixed, the result is a foamy substance. When this substance is applied or sprayed on to a surface, it then sets and forms durable insulating layers to protect your homes from easy wreckage due to constant weather change.

One of the best characteristics of spray foam is its ability to expand once it is sprayed on to a surface. This just means that if your walls or ceilings get cracks or something like that, it immediately gets into those cracks and holes to cover it, thereby protecting the inside portion of your house by providing a firm airtight and watertight seal.

In addition, insulating spray foam can help stop air and humidity aggression, thus keeping cold air out and warm air in especially during winter season. This material is also very durable and can add strength to the structures of your home. In fact, this material, as a home protection, can last a lifetime. Thus, using this foam, there is rarely a need for maintenance. Beyond all those benefits, insulation foam can help improve air flow inside your home, making it more comfortable to live at.

Promoting Green Living
Another good thing about using insulating spray foam is that it is environment-friendly. Since most foam is made up of agricultural products and materials, this kind of home insulator promotes recycling and green living. Some of the materials used in creating this product are from reusable objects and substances. Nevertheless, it is still undeniable that the whole process still involves non-green production. Otherwise, talking about energy conservation, that advantage is another addition to the fact that spray foam is really nature-friendly.

Insulating your home with spray home indeed offers a lot of benefits. However, doing so may require professional help. The good news is that there are a lot of spray foam contractors available out there. Just make sure though that when selecting a company, choose the one with extensive experience, is in the business for a long time, and of course is licensed to provide such services.

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Home Insulating What You Should Know About Insulating Your Home Home Insulating : What You Should Know About Insulating Your Home

There are many benefits that can be had in learning how to install insulation in your own home. For one, you can do it yourself. This means you do not have to hire someone and spend cash for the installation. Paying a professional can be expensive.

You can also fix minor problems instantly without spending extra cash or time for someone to do the job. In other words, it is more practical and it is not rocket science either. You will learn how to install insulation in your home by following these basic steps.

Before anything else, there are basic categories in this process that you should know about. First, there’s the installation type. This involves rolls, blow-in, batts, and so on. The other is the application surface. This includes floors, ceilings, walls, and the list continues. Finally, there are certain special considerations that do not belong in the first two categories. This involves installing on areas around common obstructions such as different electrical devices, pipes, wirings, and more.

Product Style
There are various forms of insulation. Among these forms are blankets, rolls, blow-ins and batts. Each of these forms is very versatile. However, each one has a unique set of applications. The type of insulation product you choose should depend on the project. This means you may use one particular product or use a combination of these different forms. That is why it is important that you become familiar with the different forms of insulation before you start out on your project.

For example, blow-ins can be used in various applications. However, it is best used for attics with areas that are hard to reach since a blowing machine can fill these far areas. Rolls, on the other hand, can be used for any areas in the home. However, this form of insulation is best used to cover unobstructed areas such as the crawl spaces and the attic. Batts are pre-cut panels that are available in different R-values, widths, and lengths. As its name suggests, blankets come in rolls usually 70 feet long. Other specialty products come in rolls reaching 100 feet long.

Application Surface
Basically, insulations are needed to create thermal atmosphere in a home. However, each surface has different properties and each of these properties require a particular form of insulation. The main structural elements of a home include ceilings, walls, and floors. Each has its own installation and insulation requirements.

In installing your insulation, it is best to consider the application surface so that you can make sure you are investing money on the right areas of the house.

In a recent study from the Energy Saving Trust (EST), most of the heat from a typical home are lost through certain areas in the home. In practical terms, this means more bills to pay and more energy wasted. In other words, insulation is the most efficient method when it comes to saving energy in your home. It helps keep in the heat during winter and out during summer.

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Technology ushered in a plethora of things that make people’s live easier. The things which were once unthought-of such as thermal imaging technology are now slowly becoming household names due to their relevance in the day to day lives of almost all individuals. Thermography, as another term for thermal imaging, is widely used in military operations because it provides the armed forces  with vision even in extremely dark places. But the use of this technology is no longer confined within military activities alone as it has been applied in house or building maintenance, too.

Thermal Imaging in Home Energy Auditing

This technology is now also being used in home energy auditing, an essential method necessary before insulating a home. Aided by thermal imaging cameras, service providers can now determine the areas where heat transfer is unbridled or where air leaks are severe so that necessary actions such as insulation can be employed.  This device displays images represented by temperature and detects infrared radiation which is emitted by almost all objects. As radiation increases relative to the temperature, warmer objects are highly visible compared with cooler ones. So determining which area needs the immediate attention is done in no time.

With the help of thermal imaging, it is easy to locate or determine which part of your house needs insulation. In fact, thermal imaging is even still necessary even after roof insulation or attic insulation. With the help of this technology, you can determine whether your house is properly insulated or not.

In addition to determining which part of your house has holes or where air leaks, this tool is also used alongside a moisture meter to determine presence of moisture or water ingress without the need to cause any damage to the building and before it becomes visible to the human eye. With this tool, you can prevent growth of molds inside your home, which can pose threat to you and your family’s health.  Of course, using thermal imaging, you can also prevent molds or moisture to cause further damage to your house.

Thermal imaging is a very efficient and accurate method, thus you are assured that you won’t be spending money for insulation that you do not need. The home energy auditing process can also be made faster with thermal imaging. In fact, using this tool, an auditor can complete home energy auditing in a few hours. Thus, when selecting an energy auditing firm, make sure that they use thermal imaging as this method assures you accurate evaluation.

Proper evaluation of your home is an essential step to proper insulation. When evaluation and insulation are done properly, you are not only assured of savings on your energy bills but also a more efficient moisture management, and better thermal comfort.

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House Insulation Systems Tax Incentives and Other Benefits House Insulation Systems Tax Incentives and Other Benefits

An ideal home must be properly ventilated, well sealed and well insulated. But to achieve that kind of home, you don’t have to use too much lumber. Rather, you can simply use a house insulation system that is cost-efficient and environmental friendly. There are numerous insulation systems available today depending on the size of your home, your location and your budget. However, if you ask any home owner, the best ones are the spray foam insulations. In fact, spray foam insulation are among the list of environmental-friendly materials that you can possibly get tax incentives for.

How to Know that You Have a Poor Insulation System
No matter how environmental-friendly you think your house insulation system is, if it isn’t very effective in keeping the moisture away from the structure it will not do you much good. For example, if the walls of your home are too hot to touch during summer or too cold during winter then that means that your insulation system is poor.

Other signs include, but are not limited to, high heating and cooling costs, uneven heating levels in between rooms and floors, as well as molds growing on the different areas of your home. If you have these problems then it’s time to consider other insulation systems that will work for you and your budget.

Kinds of House Insulation Systems
There are numerous house insulation systems but the most popularly used are the fiberglass, wool and open and/or closed cell polyutherane.

Fiberglass looks similar to a fibrous blanket that snug fits in between walls. It is lightweight, strong and robust. Fiberglass is weather-resistant and can be used to construct panels that prevent heat loss during winter months. However, the production of fiberglass is extremely hazardous to human because it irritates the mucous membranes and respiratory tract. Also, fine dusts, glass filaments, and other vapors that are released during production could be harmful to the environment, too.

Meanwhile, wool can become too stuffy during summer months although it’s a naturally occurring fiber. However, it is more fire resistant and better in soundproofing.

The open and/or closed cell polyutherane are another types of spray form insulation. Open cell are denser and weaker compared to the closed cell. However, the former is cheaper than the latter. Both forms of polyutherane make excellent fills for cavities and they provide greater insulators than all traditional insulators combined because they are water-resistant, stops air and humidity infiltration, adds strength to structural frames and saves energy to up to 50% costs in both winter and summer months.

These are the reasons why homes sprayed with open and/or closed cell polyutherane as part of the house insulation system qualify for state and federal tax deductions. Home owner that use this service are given tax credit, which usually ranges from 10% of your state and federal tax to approximately $500. Other requirements for such rebate include heating, ventilating, air conditioning, metal and asphalt roofs, windows and doors as well as the presence of appliances running on renewable sources of energy like geothermal heat pumps, wind turbines and solar energy systems.

Although the closed and/or open cell spray foam insulators are more expensive than the traditional options, they provide long-term savings on energy bills. With such insulators as part of your house insulation system, you are assured of not only tax deductions but of decreased energy consumption costs.

Benefits of using Spray Foam Insulation in your Home Benefits of using Spray Foam Insulation in your Home

Home insulation has become a major home improvement project adopted by maximum home owners. Insulating your house helps you save energy by making your house energy efficient. Typically maximum homes are insulated with fiberglass insulation, however many are now shifting to the very efficient industrial spray foam insulation for better facilities. Studies reveal that spray foam insulation seals your house better than other insulations in the market. It may cost you little more than the regular insulation materials but it’s definitely worth it.

The most important reason that people prefer to get spray foam insulation is because it saves money. Although spray foam insulation cost more during installation the money you invest is returned through the savings you make on the energy bills for life. Spray foam insulation closes the gaps that are a major reason for air leakage. This reduces your usage of appliances like heaters and air-conditioners; thus reducing the amount on your monthly energy bills.

The gaps spray foam insulation covers helps in preventing seepage of warm or cool air from the house. Hence you end up using less of heating or cooling appliances that consume most of the energy. So spray foam insulation not only saves you money but also valuable energy that needs to be conserved today. People can easily cover the cost spent on the installation within five years of savings on the energy bills.

The gaps in your house also form an inlet for moisture, mold and mildew. Spray foam insulation when sprayed in these gaps forms a very hard barrier that prevents such agents from entering your house. They form a health hazard to the residents of the house. Thus insulating your house with spray foam also helps you to keep the family healthy.

As compared to any of the insulation products in the market, spray foam insulation has the maximum R-value. Basically R-value of insulation lets the consumer know its thermal resistance, in this case the ability of the insulation to keep the house cool in summers and warm in winters. When compared to the traditional fibreglass insulation, spray foam gives 30% better insulation.

Spray foam is made of a material that is liquid when sprayed and expands to a size 100 times larger than the original volume on exposure with oxygen. This feature of the product helps it to reach the remotest corners and crack to give a complete seal to the house. Also the seal formed is so strong that it gives your house better stability. It acts like glue to the studs of the home. This keeps your home better resistance to calamities like winds, storms and hurricanes. Also the spray foam is so hard that even insects can’t burrow through it, thus keeping your house pest free.

However these benefits are best enjoyed when spray foam is installed by a professional as the material is difficult to handle and needs professionals and sophisticated tools to apply. Hence hiring a professional company for its expert services is a great idea. is a leading service provider for spray foam insulation installation. Our team of professionals use durable spray foam of various well known brands that cover every cavity in your house and make your home energy efficient. We are well known for our top quality services in New Orleans, Louisiana and surrounding area.