Make your home energy efficient with Spray Foam Insulations Make your home energy efficient with Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation reduce your energy consumption and help lower your energy bills. Spray foam insulation is easy to install and can lower your heating and cooling energy costs by 20%-40%.

Star Spray Foam Systems, LLC offers the revolutionary spray foam insulation service to residential and commercial buildings owners in Louisiana and its surrounding regions. We use the latest cutting-edge equipment for spray foam insulation and help make your home energy efficient – a perfect way to reduce you energy costs.

Spray foam insulation involves pumping of liquid through pressurized spray nozzles on the surface of ceilings or sidewalls, attic and basement walls, forming a continuous insulating barrier. After the application, the liquid expands upon a chemical reaction which eventually forms the foam to fill in gaps. With spray foam insulation technique, you can ensure that your home is completely sealed and shielded from wind, dust and other exterior environmental conditions.

At Star Spray Foam Insulation, we know the insulation technique very well and can help you select the perfect one for your place. With Spray Foam Insulation regarded as one of the best types of insulation available in the market today, Star Spray Foam Systems with the helps of its experienced professional installers provides free energy audit and 10% discount on an instant installation through signing up for our green tip newsletter.

We are expert spray foam insulation contractors in New Orleans, Louisiana and also serve in Venice, Metairie, Hammond, Slidell, Mississippi, Houma and its nearby regions.

About the Author
Star Spray Foam Insulation is locally owned and operated by Brad Harris. Our Office is located in New Orleans and operates in the Gulf South region to include Biloxi to Venice. Baton Rouge to Houma. Brad Harris has been a residential builder since 1996 and has a complete understanding of Residential and Commercial business and considers the most efficient and effective means of accomplishing the job under any circumstances.


Adequate Spray Foam Insulation Training is Key to Industry Success Adequate Spray Foam Insulation Training is Key to Industry Success

Spray foam insulation is still in its infancy and one wrong move done by professional installers will mark as a negative first impression. And since first impressions are difficult to change, it helps to be prepared to handle the insulation materials and apply them correctly. In this regard, sufficient training is necessary to significantly enhance the process of spray foam application and counter the possibility of getting negative reactions from clients.

That is why the spray foam roofing video that’s getting millions of hits on Youtube is widely acclaimed. In the said video, you can see how spray foam insulation is used to create greener establishments. By definition, these are buildings with minimum carbon footprint because they are properly sealed to save every kilowatt of electricity. Although the said video is a marketing campaign for a specific company, it holds one very powerful message: spray foam is the most energy efficient solution that can be used across the globe.

The Youtube video has also been complemented with an equally effective reminder that uses traditional billboard materials. This is called the giant chalk board. The giant chalk board holds relevant information about the direct relationship of science and technology. It aims to make it clearer to people that it is possible to achieve just about anything if cooperation is done properly and appropriate education has been given enough thought prior to application.

What happens if spray foam insulation is not properly applied
Incorrect application of the spray foam insulation can lead to three problems:

a. waste of money

b. waste of energy and

c. health risks

Spray foam insulation is costlier than all the other forms of insulation if you look at the initial investment. However, since it lasts longer than other insulation materials, it would come out as cheaper in the long run. But the fact remains that you have to shell out good money just to get it installed in your home or business. If application is done by an inexperienced installer, the money you pay will not be worth it. This will result in you getting disappointed with the service and stuck with the impression that all ads about spray foam is wrong.

Be reminded that the main reason why spray foam insulation exists in the first place is to save the 30% of your home’s energy that goes out of the window. If the material is poorly applied, the main purpose will be disregarded and you’ll not able to generate monetary savings in the process.

Lastly, it should be common knowledge that professionals need to gear up prior to spraying foam insulation. This is because too much exposure to the material can damage the lungs. If there isn’t enough training, this safety requirement will not be addressed and thus, the health of the installer and your family becomes at risk.

The business of spray foam insulation is just about to take flight. It needs all the positive feedback in order to reach that point wherein it becomes a common household name. If more and more people were to be made aware of its efficiency in maximizing energy, there won’t be any need for more worldwide campaigns. Its use would naturally be part of any establishment all around the world.

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