House Insulation Systems Tax Incentives and Other Benefits House Insulation Systems Tax Incentives and Other Benefits

An ideal home must be properly ventilated, well sealed and well insulated. But to achieve that kind of home, you don’t have to use too much lumber. Rather, you can simply use a house insulation system that is cost-efficient and environmental friendly. There are numerous insulation systems available today depending on the size of your home, your location and your budget. However, if you ask any home owner, the best ones are the spray foam insulations. In fact, spray foam insulation are among the list of environmental-friendly materials that you can possibly get tax incentives for.

How to Know that You Have a Poor Insulation System
No matter how environmental-friendly you think your house insulation system is, if it isn’t very effective in keeping the moisture away from the structure it will not do you much good. For example, if the walls of your home are too hot to touch during summer or too cold during winter then that means that your insulation system is poor.

Other signs include, but are not limited to, high heating and cooling costs, uneven heating levels in between rooms and floors, as well as molds growing on the different areas of your home. If you have these problems then it’s time to consider other insulation systems that will work for you and your budget.

Kinds of House Insulation Systems
There are numerous house insulation systems but the most popularly used are the fiberglass, wool and open and/or closed cell polyutherane.

Fiberglass looks similar to a fibrous blanket that snug fits in between walls. It is lightweight, strong and robust. Fiberglass is weather-resistant and can be used to construct panels that prevent heat loss during winter months. However, the production of fiberglass is extremely hazardous to human because it irritates the mucous membranes and respiratory tract. Also, fine dusts, glass filaments, and other vapors that are released during production could be harmful to the environment, too.

Meanwhile, wool can become too stuffy during summer months although it’s a naturally occurring fiber. However, it is more fire resistant and better in soundproofing.

The open and/or closed cell polyutherane are another types of spray form insulation. Open cell are denser and weaker compared to the closed cell. However, the former is cheaper than the latter. Both forms of polyutherane make excellent fills for cavities and they provide greater insulators than all traditional insulators combined because they are water-resistant, stops air and humidity infiltration, adds strength to structural frames and saves energy to up to 50% costs in both winter and summer months.

These are the reasons why homes sprayed with open and/or closed cell polyutherane as part of the house insulation system qualify for state and federal tax deductions. Home owner that use this service are given tax credit, which usually ranges from 10% of your state and federal tax to approximately $500. Other requirements for such rebate include heating, ventilating, air conditioning, metal and asphalt roofs, windows and doors as well as the presence of appliances running on renewable sources of energy like geothermal heat pumps, wind turbines and solar energy systems.

Although the closed and/or open cell spray foam insulators are more expensive than the traditional options, they provide long-term savings on energy bills. With such insulators as part of your house insulation system, you are assured of not only tax deductions but of decreased energy consumption costs.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

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Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

  • Spray foam makes your home and office building energy efficiency.
  • Spray foam increases living comfort of your home thus, making it healthier place to live in.
  • Spray foam makes our building green by reducing energy consumption.
  • Spray foam stops air and humidity infiltration.
  • Spray foam adds strength to the building structure as it adds its own strength to the structure of the building.
  • Spray foam is Permanent in nature so it is only one time investment.
  • Spray foam improves quality of the air.
  • Spray foam keeps dust and pollen out of your house.
  • Spray foam is a money Saving Investment, it also saves money in form of  tax incentives
  • Spray foam saves lots of money on energy bills by reducing heating and cooling needs.

Professional spray foam insulation services

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Professional spray foam insulation services Professional spray foam insulation services

Star Spray Foam Systems, LLC specialize in spray foam insulation installations for residential and commercial buildings. Star Spray Foam uses the latest equipments and high performance spray foam insulation technology and focus primarily on insulation quality. Our company has worked in insulation to keep your home and office temperature friendly and healthy. The spray foam we use is made using bio-based raw materials so it is more environment friendly than any other insulation products available in market. Star Spray Foam’s attics, ceilings or floors, crawl space insulation fits any size house large or small. Our insulation on spraying turns into lightweight dense foam that helps to keep your energy bills extremely low. We can help you anytime whether you need commercial or residential insulation we have range of products to meet your indoor needs. Our technicians examine carefully your home’s current insulation level and make detailed recommendations on how to improve the home’s energy efficiency through our insulation techniques which will definitely lead to guaranteed financial gains in form of saving on energy bills and tax incentives.