Technology ushered in a plethora of things that make people’s live easier. The things which were once unthought-of such as thermal imaging technology are now slowly becoming household names due to their relevance in the day to day lives of almost all individuals. Thermography, as another term for thermal imaging, is widely used in military operations because it provides the armed forces  with vision even in extremely dark places. But the use of this technology is no longer confined within military activities alone as it has been applied in house or building maintenance, too.

Thermal Imaging in Home Energy Auditing

This technology is now also being used in home energy auditing, an essential method necessary before insulating a home. Aided by thermal imaging cameras, service providers can now determine the areas where heat transfer is unbridled or where air leaks are severe so that necessary actions such as insulation can be employed.  This device displays images represented by temperature and detects infrared radiation which is emitted by almost all objects. As radiation increases relative to the temperature, warmer objects are highly visible compared with cooler ones. So determining which area needs the immediate attention is done in no time.

With the help of thermal imaging, it is easy to locate or determine which part of your house needs insulation. In fact, thermal imaging is even still necessary even after roof insulation or attic insulation. With the help of this technology, you can determine whether your house is properly insulated or not.

In addition to determining which part of your house has holes or where air leaks, this tool is also used alongside a moisture meter to determine presence of moisture or water ingress without the need to cause any damage to the building and before it becomes visible to the human eye. With this tool, you can prevent growth of molds inside your home, which can pose threat to you and your family’s health.  Of course, using thermal imaging, you can also prevent molds or moisture to cause further damage to your house.

Thermal imaging is a very efficient and accurate method, thus you are assured that you won’t be spending money for insulation that you do not need. The home energy auditing process can also be made faster with thermal imaging. In fact, using this tool, an auditor can complete home energy auditing in a few hours. Thus, when selecting an energy auditing firm, make sure that they use thermal imaging as this method assures you accurate evaluation.

Proper evaluation of your home is an essential step to proper insulation. When evaluation and insulation are done properly, you are not only assured of savings on your energy bills but also a more efficient moisture management, and better thermal comfort.

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Thermal Imaging Improves Energy Auditing New Orleans Thermal Imaging Improves Energy Auditing, New Orleans

An energy audit is the first step towards a new and improved home or business. This is the method of assessing a building on how it can use less energy while staying efficient or even more efficient than before.

Most people may not realize it but the fact of the matter is, an average home or building consumes more electricity than it has to. One of the main causes of this is gaps and cracks on walls, floors, the attic, and roof. Basically what happens is that the air inside leaks outside. This leads to a less comfortable temperature inside. Either it becomes too cold or too hot. The tendency of people when this happens is to crank up the air conditioning or heater unit to make it more comfortable again hence using more energy.

Quite frankly, this is a huge waste of electricity. But, with energy audit, this can be completely avoided. What this does is check for areas to improve in the home or building. Cracks are covered, doors and windows optimized, and the entire structure is optimized with insulation. These will keep the conditioned air inside from leaking out and unwanted air outside from leaking in which causes an imbalance.

Thermal Imaging to Perform Better Energy Audit
It is not easy to spot areas where insulation is most needed when it comes to an energy audit. Temperature is not visible. So, the solution to this is to make use of thermal imaging.

Thermal imaging is a very powerful tool when it comes to energy auditing because it allows for a clearer view of what the home or building needs. In using it, the auditor will be able to find exactly where the leaks are and where spray foam is needed the most.

With the use of thermal imaging, energy audit can be done in a faster and an even more efficient manner. This is why it is recommended for any person who wants to have business or home energy audit services done to ensure that this technology is used to get the best and most accurate results for your energy efficiency improvements. With energy auditing, you will be able to save a lot of money. With the help of thermal imaging, you can save even more. This can really help home owners and business owners a whole lot.

On top of saving on utility costs, an energy audit can also lead to huge benefits in tax. Federal and local governments also give incentives to homes and businesses that take the initiative to go green. This is a way to promote a cleaner and better environment for all. At the same time, this is a way for people to help in their own way to protect the Earth and save some money in doing so.

Today, thermal imaging has become one of the most powerful tools in making a building or home safer, greener, and more cost efficient. In using this during, it will lead to huge benefits and incentives. If you want to enjoy the benefits of energy auditing, then it’s time to call (504) 383-3261 today.

Energy Audit, New Orleans

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Energy Audit New Orleans1 Energy Audit, New Orleans

Energy Audit is complete survey of energy consumption in a building. Energy Audit provides the vital information regarding overall energy conservation in residential or commercial building. It covers energy utilization analysis and evaluation of energy conservation measures. The main objective of energy audit in an occupied building is to reduce energy consumption while maintaining or improving human comfort, health and safety. Energy Audit mainly deals various energy inputs, identifying pattern of energy consumption, relating energy inputs and output, Identifying potential areas of thermal and electrical energy economy, highlighting energy wastage in major areas and fixing of energy saving potential in targets areas. The main techniques that are used in energy audit are Blower-Door testing, Weatherization Programs, Thermal Imaging Video of  Home, Duct-Blasting Test, Furnace Flute Testing, Moisture Reading Technology. At completion of audit, energy auditor provides you with a full written report of the auditor’s findings and solutions to increase your home’s energy efficiency