Closed Cell Foam Insulation vs Open Cell Foam Insulation Closed Cell Foam Insulation vs Open Cell Foam Insulation

Home insulation is sought by home owners today as a number#1 home renovation project. It is the best way to reduce the money spent on home maintenance monthly. Spray foam has a successful track record and many seek to install it for lifelong benefits.

Spray foam is not only known as an insulation that stops the flow of electricity. Spray foam is popular for many other benefits it affords along with energy saving. For starters spray foam makes the house extremely sturdy to face any sort of climatic challenges. Its coating also makes your home water proof, pest free, dust free and fire resistant. Your home is set free of any molds and mildew that could creep in. Also getting spray foam installed in your house fetches you a good amount when you plan to resell your house.

All the above mentioned reasons seem to be quite tempting to get spray foam installed at your place. But have you considered which form of spray foam is ideal for your house. Let’s see the type of spray foams you can choose.

There are basically two types of spray foams available in the market – Open Cell Foam Insulation and Closed Cell Foam Insulation. The difference between the two is their physical make up and the R-value they provide. These factors make a very significant difference to the product performance, application processes and consumer cost.
Open Cell Foam is .05 lb. /cu. ft. It consists of small cells that are not completely closed. The cells are open with air fills in them. As they are loosely bound to each other due to the air pockets the structure is weak. Also they are less water resistant when compared to closed cell foam.

On the other hand closed spray foam insulation is also made of small cells like open spray foam but they are closely bound to each other with no air gaps to make the bond loose. The cells are not filled in with air but with gas that makes the foam rise and expand. This means that the foam is dense, completely water proof and sturdy too.

In order to measure the density of the spray foam you will have to weigh one cured cubic foot of foam material. The open cell foam weighs around 0.4 to 0.5 lb. /cu. ft. whereas closed cell foam has a density of 1.7 lb. /cu. ft. to 2.0 lb. /cu. ft. If you are planning for the insulation of your roof then you need to select a spray foam that gives better support and is sturdy itself. A spray foam with good density promises stronger support.

If we compare the R-value of both the types, open cell spray foam has an R-value of 3.5 per inch and closed-cell spray foams insulation on an average has an R-value of around 7.0 per inch. Open spray foam requires water as a blowing agent on the other hand close cell spray foam needs high R-value blowing agents.

Closed cell spray foam emerges as a popular choice as it is more efficient due to its denser make. It provides higher structural integrity that supports the foundation and allows complete sealing. Also its R-value is higher and gives a strong evidence of insulation ability. They are more efficient at reducing air leaks and prevent water/ moisture infiltration. So they form a better insulation option. is a leading service provider for spray foam insulation. Our team of professionals use durable spray foam of various well known brands to cover every cavity in your house and make your home energy efficient. Our service is well known in New Orleans, Louisiana and surrounding area. (504) 383 – 3261

Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation

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Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation

One of best solution to save energy in your home is to get Spray Foam Insulation done on your as it not only saves energy but  also keep the house warm and protect your house by keeping away pest, fungus and molds. Spray Foam Insulation is environmentally gracious and holds the highest oxygen index and zero fuel contribution compared to other petroleum based insulation product.

Spray foam insulation keeps residential and commercial building warm during winters and cold during summers, as it does not allow air to escape through cracks and holes thus completely insulates walls and roofs of building. Studies have proved that Spray Foam Insulation has helped minimize the cost of cooling and heating by more than thirty to thirty five percent.

Spray Foam Insulation is fire resistant and as well as water proof and you do not have to worry about pests and fungus because it is also rodent and pest proof. One major advantage of Spray Foam Insulation is that it can be easily applied and is also easy to set up.

Spray Foam Insulation has got many benefits like:

  • It’s a eco friendly product.
  • Lower Heating / Cooling Bills and a Comfortable Indoor Environment
  • Reduce Humidity and the Growth of Mold
  • Reduce Noise Levels
  • Tax Savings
  • Keep Pests Outdoors, Where They Belong
  • Provides enhanced quality of air along with energy efficiency.
  • Helps keep your home warm.

Spray foam insulation lasts longer and it sticks to the walls without falling like fiberglass. When touched it doesn’t cause itching, unlike fiberglass foam.

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