Difference between open cell and closed cell Spray foam 300x92 Difference between open cell and closed cell Spray foam

  • Open-cell spray foam is spongy in nature as compared to Closed-cell which is less porous and rigid in nature.
  • Closed-cell spray foam is less permeable to water vapor as compared to Open-cell spray foam so it allows relatively less water vapor to penetrate.
  • Closed-cell spray foams normally have R-values between 5 to 8 per inch as compared with Open-cell spray foams insulator typically have R-values of 3 to 4 per inch.
  • Closed cell spray foam is perfect for cramped places. A thin layer of closed cell spray foam is as effective as thick layer of closed cell spray foam.
  • Closed-cell foam rarely requires trimming and produces little or very less waste on other hand open-cell spray foam requires trimming after installation and more waste is during installation.
  • Closed-cell foam is very strong and increase structural strength of building by reinforcing the surface where as open-cell foam is soft with little structural strength.
  • Closed-cell foams are superior insulators as compared to open cell spray insulators.