Energy Audit, New Orleans

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Energy Audit New Orleans1 Energy Audit, New Orleans

Energy Audit is complete survey of energy consumption in a building. Energy Audit provides the vital information regarding overall energy conservation in residential or commercial building. It covers energy utilization analysis and evaluation of energy conservation measures. The main objective of energy audit in an occupied building is to reduce energy consumption while maintaining or improving human comfort, health and safety. Energy Audit mainly deals various energy inputs, identifying pattern of energy consumption, relating energy inputs and output, Identifying potential areas of thermal and electrical energy economy, highlighting energy wastage in major areas and fixing of energy saving potential in targets areas. The main techniques that are used in energy audit are Blower-Door testing, Weatherization Programs, Thermal Imaging Video of  Home, Duct-Blasting Test, Furnace Flute Testing, Moisture Reading Technology. At completion of audit, energy auditor provides you with a full written report of the auditor’s findings and solutions to increase your home’s energy efficiency

Home Energy Audits

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Home Energy Audits Home Energy Audits

Home energy audit is assessment of energy consumption in home or residential buildings. It enables you to find out new measures to save energy and optimize present utilization of energy to make your home more efficient. Audits alone do not save energy we have to implement the recommendations made in audit to improve energy utilization. Energy Star provides extensive information to enhance energy efficiency, lower energy bills, and increase comfort of homes.

You can get specific recommendations for improving the efficiency of your home by getting energy audit done by a professional Home Energy. A professional auditor uses a variety of techniques and equipment such as Blower-Door testing, Weatherization Programs, Thermal Imaging Video, Duct-Blasting Test, Furnace Flute Testing, Moisture Reading Technology to determine the energy efficiency of your home. Implementing these recommendations can considerably cut your energy bills and save you lot of money.

Other Services Offered By Star Spray Foam LLC Other Services Offered By Star Spray Foam, LLC

In addition to spray foam insulation services star spray foam also provides other services including energy audit, Installation of residential solar energy products and maintenance and installation of new HVAC systems. Details of services are listed below:

Energy Auditing:

  • Blower-Door testing
  • Weatherization Programs,
  • Thermal Imaging Video of Home
  • Duct-Blasting Test
  • Furnace Flute Testing
  • Moisture Reading Technology

Solar Energy Products:

(Provided by Riverland Solar, Inc)

  • Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Small Wind Turbines (Residential)
  • Solar Energy Systems

HVAC Systems:

  • Installation of new air-conditioning and heating systems.
  • General maintenance of existing equipment.
  • Cleaning and charging HVAC systems.
  • Ductwork sealing and installation of new ductwork.