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Energy Audits

Professional Energy Audit for Homes New Orleans


energy audit for homes new orleans

What is an Energy Audit?

It is a comprehensive assessment including inspection, survey, and analysis of the flow of energy inside a building. The primary purpose is to check the efficiency of your residential or commercial space so you know if how much is your energy consumption is, because it translates to your electric bill. A responsible real estate owner also wants to be aware whether or not his or her home has an acceptable ecological or carbon footprint.

Energy Audit will help you account for your consumption so you can correct it. It will save you significant amounts of money in the long run. Visual and diagnostic assessments are conducted in your entire home. The audit should be able to look into the building itself, the heating, cooling, and ventilating systems, the appliances, air leakage, humidity and moisture, energy usage of members in the building, trouble areas, and even health issues.

Star Spray Foam offers Energy Audits New Orleans

Star Spray Foam offers energy assessments to help you determine how much energy your home consumes and where that energy is going. We have a variety of tools and tests like blower doors and infrared cameras. In some rare instances, the PFT air infiltration measurement technique is used.

However, once the energy is audited, it must not stop there. The very purpose of energy assessment is that you do something about it after getting the results of the diagnosis. The question that must be addressed is: “How can we be more efficient?”

If you know the problem, you can think of an approach on how to solve it. If you don’t know what exactly is the cause of the problem, it’s like you are a blind man expecting to find something you cannot. It will most likely be guesswork which is probably not the best way to go.

We at Star Spray Foam will give you recommendations on how you can maximize the efficiency of your energy systems. There are many possible issues that contribute to the inefficiency. Aside from our diagnostic tools, we also have the technology to offer you solutions. The HVAC system and the air flow is usually the most common problem we come across and Spray Foam Insulation solves this problem. Star Spray Foam can seal your household in case it was found out that the cars of your energy inefficiency is air leakages and bad air flow.

According to study and as discussed in our other articles, you can save up to 20% of your energy expenses after you spray foam your home or office. We bet that once the auditing is done, it will show that your HVAC system consumes the largest chunk of your energy. In our 19 years in the industry, it’s usually the case except for some rare occasions. It could be attributed to faulty piping, defective appliances, etc. Regardless, we are equipped to cater to your needs and make your home or office a more comfortable place to stay in.

It’s really a win-win for you if you get the issues fixed. You pay for the services to get it fixed at first but once it is fixed, you save a lot of money from then on. It’s also not about the money. You get to enjoy live in a pleasant atmosphere and you eliminate the health risks that are existent due to bad air flow or faulty systems within your home or office. Your home’s shelf life will also be extended and you prevent a faster deterioration which will be more costly in the future.

Our professional technicians in Star Spray Foam has been in the industry for a long time already and you can talk to us. We can give you real life, practical solutions on how you can really cut the costs and save energy. This will not only be based on our technical and professional knowledge but also actual experiences.

You won’t be presented with just one solution. You will be given possible solutions and we will be working with what best fits your schedule and budget.


Preparing for your Energy Audit

So if you finally decided to have your energy consumption assessed, here are things you can do to make sure that the process will go smoothly:

  1. Collect your bills
  2. Gather all information regarding your energy usage
  3. List all your appliances and take note of your usage, also note if there are any defects
  4. Interview the people residing on their usage
  5. Ask if there are problems encountered

This will at least get a few things out of the way already. Cooperation is very important to make sure that your home or office is as energy efficient as it could possibly be. We at Star Spray Foam will do our best to give you an honest and comprehensive assessment and report on your energy usage. We also suggest that you welcome our suggestions on how you can be more energy efficient. We would be more than willing to start this conversation with you as we seek a better and more environmentally friendly world!