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An Overview of Louisiana Insulation

Availing of Star Spray Foam insulation service New Orleans is about knowing the basic know-hows of it. So what is insulation and how does it benefit a house or a building?

Insulation pertains to products that minimize heat by putting a barrier between locations or surfaces that have different temperatures. Home insulation mitigates the heat escaping from a structure during winter days and protects it from generating too much heat in the summer.

Besides the spray foam insulation we offer at Star Spray Foam, there are more varieties of insulation such as structural insulated panels (SIP) that are often applied on unfinished walls, ceilings, roofs, and floors; concrete, reflective, and fiber insulation. All of these insulation types have their own unique way in generating the right amount of heat in a house or commercial building.

On the other hand, Star Spray Foam New Orleans believes that a spray foam insulation is the modern take to ensure that it distributes heat to your home.

Using only high quality polyurethane foams, we offer insulation and methods to meet your home or office insulation needs. As the saying goes, every job has its tool, and we have a variety of insulation types that we use depending on your needs.

  • Open-cell foam: Open-cell foams are less common since they are made by a single manufacturer. The R-value of open cell polyurethane spray foam has a size of 3.6 to 3.8 per inch range. The heat resistance of an open-cell foam is lower, but due to its density, it’s a good provider of heat insulation.
  • Closed-cell foam: 1.8 to 3.2lb density foam that can be used for any interior or exterior insulation – recommended that a certified foam or structure science specialist is used to ensure manufacturer’s warranty
  • Cellulose: 4’ thick with a 3.7 R-value – a high consistency green fiber cellulose

We also have additional insulation services available that include:

  • Insulation removal: This applies when the following surfaces have incurred damages such as fires and rodent or termite infestation. Insulation removal is a rare case and usually, if there are absences of damages, we just simply add insulation that is already installed in your home.
  • Drill and fill:  Good for existing homes; foam or cellulose is added to the walls without tearing anything down less a small opening that gets repaired after insulation is poured or dense-packed in

Quality New Orleans Insulation Is Just Around the Corner

Our spray foam insulation is done by professionals who have the required licenses and experiences to keep your home insulated in any season, be it on a cold dreary winter or the sunny days of summer. We give an exceptional performance from beginning to end with services that you can only get from our locations in Hammond, Slidell, Venice, Baton Rouge, Jefferson, Houma, and Metairie. Wherever you are, Star Spray Foam is just within reach, with people ready to keep your house insulated. We take care of the houses and commercial structures our clients own, so we implement safe yet effective methods to keep the an interior a safe haven for families and business owners.

For the best and most trusted spray foam installations and services in New Orleans, contact Star Spray Foam today at 504-303-4372.