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Spray Foam Inspections

Spray Foam Insulation Louisiana

What is Spray Foam?

Spray Foam, a mixture of isocyanate and polyol resin has a variety of applications. It is commonly used as an insulation and air barrier system. It is also used for packaging and building among many other things because spray foam increases was racking strength, it has adhesive properties, it can block conduction, convection, radiation, air filtration, air intrusion, and moisture accumulation. It can even sound-proof rooms!


Common Spray Foam Issues

Sadly, spray for products are not always properly installed. There are a number of common issues due to improper installation of Spray Foam Insulation such as:

  • Sweating issues
  • A/C short cycle or high humidity
  • Hot and cold spots in the home/ Thermal inconsistency
  • Foul odors
  • Sheetrock cracking
  • Floors buckling or cupping
  • Foam shrinkage

If you are experiencing any of this, Brad Harris is the person to call. He is a certified spray foam professional with over 19 years in the industry. He can assist with identifying the problem regarding your spray foam installation and provide the necessary solution that would address the problem.

Sweating Issues


Sweating is condensation on metal roofs, metal walls, asbestos, and fibre cement roofs and walls because during colder months, materials like metals only have thin later that transfer temperature from one side to the other. When warm air goes in contact with the cold metal surfaces, it condenses and stays. In cements, the cracks and crevices can be where air could enter.

Spray foam polyurethane insulation can eliminate this problem. When the foam is applied, the gaps and joints of the surface is covered so the heat cannot escape. Condensation will, therefore, not occur.

Moisture can cause molds as well. Spray foam insulation is the most recommended solution.


A/C short cycle or high humidity


Moisture dynamics inside your home can vary due to air tightness. If the temperature drops, say your AC is oversized, it short cycles, it would result to high humidity. The AC must be just the right size relative to the area. Relative humidity should be between the range of 30-60%. Indoor relative humidity that is quite high may invite dust mites, molds, and bacteria. High humidity is also a cause of sweating or condensation as previously discussed.


Hot and cold spots at home


Hot and cold spots are also known as temperature inconsistencies in different parts of your home. Most people dismiss this as “normal” but the temperature of your home must be consistent. Common reason for this is that the size of your AC or furnace is not proportional to the room area. It cannot be too big nor too small.


Foul odors


Sorry foam should not cause you problems such as foul odors. However, if there seems to be a problem of lingering odors after spray foam, it means that your old contractor is not the expert he claims to be. If it is not mixed properly or sprayed too thickly, it can cause problems. Not all spray foam jobs end up well. This is precisely one of the reasons why you want to get only a professional who can do the job and do it properly.


Sheetrock cracking


There are many reasons as to why your dry wall cracks. Harris can pinpoint the reason why. Spray foaming would help address these sheetrock cracking. Since spray foam also acts as an adhesive of some sort while giving coverage, it can work very well. Spray foam will fill in the cracks.


Floors buckling or cupping


Why does your floor warp? It buckles and cups.


Yes, that’s the reason. Spray foam insulates and eliminated unnecessary moisture that damages your flooring. Wood flooring is generally the most vulnerable. Vinyl or linoleum flooring may also bubble and wrinkle. What’s worse is if molds start to grow within your floor’s baseboard.


Foam shrinkage

If you notice your spray from clung well at first before it starts to shrink, worry not. Harris can help. It only means that your spray foam installation went wrong. Continuity is the key for your foam to be properly installed. Bad detailing and application can contribute to this demise. Even materials must be selected properly. If the application of spray foam is not proper, it can fail and the foam may shrink unpredictably and do more damage instead of repairing. Proper diagnosis and considerations must be taken into account.

Proper spray foam inspection and installation can go a really long way. As you may have realized already, spray foam offers a lot of benefits. However, if not done properly, your situation could be worse than before. It is not to be taken lightly.

It’s important to have this problem dealt with right away and not wait for your home to totally deteriorate. It also poses health risks if not attended to. Air flow is very important for you and your family’s health as well. Sudden surges in your electricity bill can also be a con for the temperature inconsistencies of your home or office. Let your spray foam installation only be handled by professionals.

Because of the severity of the impact that failing spray foam insulation can have on you and your family’s health and finances, it is recommended that you seek a spray foam inspection as soon as possible after experiencing any of these problems or suspect that you might have an issue with your existing spray foam insulation.

The common issues above and other not-so-common issues can be properly addressed by Star Spray Foam headed by Brad Harris. Your comfort is the primary consideration. We will balance the air temperature and moisture within your home or even your office. Call Brad Harris today to schedule an inspection!