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Professional Attic Insulation Services in New Orleans

New Orleans Attic InsulationAn attic insulation service is your best bet when it comes to keeping your storage room warm despite the weather.

Star Spray Foam specializes in New Orleans attic insulation, as well as other services including energy audits, white roof coatings, and blower door testing.

As one of the trusted insulation contractors in the NOLA area, it’s our goal to provide client quality work for all our services.

  • Our attic insulation in New Orleans, Louisiana is done by a team of experts who conduct basic standard procedure to ensure that your storage room is fully insulated and won’t cause problems in the future.
  • Insulating an attic or a room in general is no easy feat, so we make sure to check the walls, floors, and ceilings for pests, molds, mildews, and other pollutants first before getting down to business.
  • Our trusted attic insulation contractors are always ready to provide you with the right information about the service and the materials to be used for insulation.

Why Insulate an Attic?

If an attic is unfinished, it’s going to be extra hot in the heat.  Conversely, people who live in colder climates will want insulation in their attics not only to keep it cool in the summer but to keep it warm in the winter.

Therefore, insulating the attic will cut down on how uncomfortable the attic will feel and will allow the space to be used for other things such as an office, a workout room, a nursery, a bedroom, etc.

Kinds of Insulation

There are many different kinds of insulation material that you can choose to insulate an attic.

The most common types of materials are:

  • Fiberglass Insulation: Even though this is a way to insulate your attic it’s considered one of the worst ways. This kind of insulation presents a health hazard that can include lung, skin, and eye irritation.
  • Cellulose Insulation: This is a kind of insulation that is made from recycled paper and boric acid.
  • Spray Foam Insulation: This is widely considered to be the best form of insulation.  It is the kind of insulation that is best done by a professional.

The Benefits of Attic Insulation in New Orleans

BenefitsImproves Indoor Air Quality

Pollutants from the outside such as dirt, dust, and mold can make their way into your home through air leaks caused by poor insulation.

These toxins can harm your indoor air quality as time goes by, so insulating your attic is essential.

This will prevent those pollutants from spreading in your home and allow easier breathing for your family, plus a cleaner environment inside.

Improves Indoor Comfort

Speaking of indoor air, attic insulation can also impact your home’s overall temperature. Even your home is equipped with advanced heating and cooling systems, it won’t do any good if it’s not insulated enough.

Lower Bills

The average American home uses at least 50-70 percent of energy in its heating and cooling system. A home that isn’t insulated or under-insulated can shoot up your energy bulls. Air sealing your home can save you an average of 15 percent on cooling and heating costs.

Making Home Structure Safer

Heat, moisture, and molds can wreak havoc in your home’s structure so it’s imperative to insulate your attic. Doing so will prevent harmful elements from seeping in and eroding the walls of your house. What’s more attic encapsulation slows the heating buildup and prevents ice dams caused by frozen snow on the edge of your roof.

About Star Spray Foam Insulation

Star Spray Foam is owned and operated by Brad Harris, a builder with decades of experience with home builders and contractors who understands the benefits of spray foam insulation. Only professionally trained, experienced and licensed contractors work with Star Spray Foam Insulation.

The fully licensed and insured company services the Louisiana area including New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Venice, Metairie, Slidell, Hammond, Jefferson, and more.  They focus on everything from small homes to large homes and offices.

Other Services We Offer in New Orleans LA

Insulation Keep your residential or commercial space fully insulated with our list of insulation services done by our team of professionals.

Blower Door Testing From crawlspaces to vents, there’s no nook and cranny that our team can’t insulate. Our blower door testing service provides improve air quality, as well as reduced energy bills and infestation protection.

Open and Closed-Cell Insulation Each of our insulation materials is equipped with a number of strengths that can benefit your home or office’s insulation. Whether you want to opt for closed or open insulation, Star Spray Foam is ready to help out.

Energy AuditsBe more aware of when your energy goes or how you consume it. With our audits, you don’t have to worry about wasting every single bit of energy used at your home.

White Roof CoatingsPractical and friendly to the environment, white roof coatings are a safer alternative due to their UV-protected material.

Cellulose Fiber InsulationImprove air quality in the greenway with our cellulose fiber insulation service. It’s affordable and keeps pests at bay.

Floor Insulation When it’s cold, drafty, and cold floors can be nothing short of misery. Spray foam can be used to insulate and even seal the undersides of homes and many other buildings to create an instant solution to this problem.

Get Started with Our New Orleans Insulation WorkFoam Insulation - Star Spray Foam

Contact Star Spray Foam Insulation for a personal quote of our available services.  In addition, ask any questions that you may have about the home improvement procedure.

Star Spray Foam Insulation is there to discuss the best course of action for your home and how to lower your energy costs.  We have someone who works not only with homeowners but with business owners.

If you want to install spray foam insulation in your business location, call us today. Feel free to drop by our office or browse our website to learn more about our products and services.

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