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Eco-Friendly New Orleans White Roof Coatings – Go Green with our Affordable Products

New Orleans White Roof Coatings - Star Spray Foam InsulationIn Louisiana, our roofs take quite a beating. If it’s not harsh storms and heavy winds, it’s the sun beating down on our homes and businesses. This can lead to weathered and damaged roofs, elevated UV levels, and issues with your air conditioning systems.

Your roof doesn’t have to work alone. You can help protect it and ease its burden with New Orleans white roof coatings from Star Spray Foam.

Roof Coatings are a monolithic fluid with elastic properties to allow flexibility and elasticity. We apply it as the top layer of composite roof membrane which receives infrared precipitation and UV rays.

They are waterproof for substrates, but they cannot withstand certain forms of heavier pressure the way deck coatings on roads can. Roof and deck coatings are two different substances, though many often confuse them.

  • Protect your home from the sun’s UV rays with quality roof coating in New Orleans LA.
  • Our white roof coatings are done by professionals who implement standard procedures to ensure the right result.
  • A trusted insulation company that residents can always count on.
  • Our roof coatings are friendly to the environment and reasonably-priced.
  • Our affordable white roof coatings can go well with any type of roof, whether you want it installed in your home or commercial establishment.

The Radiant Barrier

White roof coatings have two main purposes: to protect your roof and to reflect solar radiation. They work on any roof material, including polyurethane, metal, rubber, even bitumen.

They can solve roof leaks, protect your roof from breaking down under intense solar heat, and extend the life of your roof by 25 years.

By reflecting solar radiation, white roof coatings help your roof remain cooler and reduce your HVAC systems energy usage. While the reflective white coatings can wear off over time, simple maintenance every 3-7 years can keep your coatings shining.

The Recipe for a Coating

Roof coatings involve binders, pigments, and liquid carriers.

The crucial ingredient here is the binder, polymers which give the roof coating its elastic properties. These are typically composed of organic or silicone compounds. Common elastomers for white roof coating binders include acrylic, rubber, urethane, and vinyl.

For pigments, most white roof coatings use titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Coatings are generally a water-based latex mixture. Reactive coatings use organic solvents as carriers, instead.

Choosing an elastomer is an important process. Our experts will discuss the pros and cons of each material, helping you make an informed decision in choosing a white roof coating that best fits your home or business’s needs.

Benefits to White Coatings

  • Extend the Life of Your Roof
  • Eliminate Roof Leaks
  • Reduce Energy Use
  • Increase Energy Star Rating
  • Protect Your Roof
  • Maintain a Comfortable Indoors

Testimonials and Referrals

The team at Star Spray Foam Insulation is dedicated to providing high-quality, professional service to New Orleans and the surrounding areas. You don’t have to take our word for it— let our reputation proceed us:

White roof coating is a delicate process, which is why I only made sure to get the best to install this for our home. And it didn’t disappoint me. Star Spray Foam has the experts to deliver the work excellently. — Keith C. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

My home reached the highest level of energy efficiency because of this awesome New Orleans insulation company. They really know everything about insulation; and I was able to learn a lot about it as well because they also educate their customers. — Fay M. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

There are so many insulation companies that I can choose from, but I went for Star Spray Foam because of the great reviews I’ve personally heard from colleagues and friends. And they were right, they deliver great work plus they educate their clients. It’s a great experience! — Hannah B. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Totally impressed with the way the job was handled by Brad and his team. I have since told several of my friends of the great work. — Drew D. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Will you be our next highly satisfied customer? Call our office today, and let’s discuss your insulation needs.

A Company You Can Trust

Owner and operator Brad Harris came to New Orleans with a mission: spread the eco-friendly, energy-efficient benefits of spray foam insulation and related services.

With two decades in the residential building and home maintenance industry, he experienced these benefits for himself and then surrounded himself with professional technicians to serve the community.

Star Spray Foam Insulation is proud to offer efficient, professional, reliable service. We understand that you’re trusting our teams to take care of your roof coatings and other insulation needs without causing undue stress and hassle.

Our dedication has earned a great reputation in the area, and we’re proud to maintain that tradition of service.

White Roof Coatings Aren’t the Only Way We Can Help Insulate Your Home

Star Spray Foam Insulation offers a variety of insulation and energy-based services to help bring out the best of your home or business, protecting everyone inside and bringing down costs.

  • Insulation Inspections

Is your home or business having trouble keeping up with its climate control? Are your energy costs on the rise? It could be your insulation! Our inspectors can check your current insulation to ensure everything is well-protected.

  • Insulation Installation

Proper insulation in your home or business is critical in keeping everyone safe and comfortable and your energy costs down. Our professional technicians will help you select the perfect insulation for your home and install it.

  • Energy Audits

Our experts can test the energy in your home to ensure that your home or business is operating at max efficiency. Our findings could help you lower your energy costs.

  • Blower Door Testing

Our contractors use state-of-the-art equipment and blower doors to test your home or commercial property for any signs of air leakage. This allows us to ensure your home is properly insulated and that you aren’t losing any energy.

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