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New Orleans Spray Foam Contractors

There are plenty of wonderful activities to enjoy in winter. Paying a hefty heating bill isn’t one of those activities. If you’re struggling to maintain a cozy atmosphere in winter, or you’re starting to receive sky-high energy bills, it may be time to talk to a spray foam insulation contractor.

Energy leaks can also occur in the summer – so if your air conditioning bill is higher than you’d like, you may need an insulation upgrade.

Spray foam is a more effective form of insulation than traditional types of insulation. In fact, it’s been shown to provide energy savings of up to 50% – significantly higher than other types, which only save about 30% of your energy costs.

Spray foam insulation in New Orleans has a number of other benefits: for example, it can block moisture from entering your home and molding, it lasts longer than other insulation types, and it won’t swell during a flood.

Keep reading to learn more about how our insulation contractor can help lower your heating bill!

Local Insulation Contractors

A pro insulation contractor can evaluate your current insulation at a consultation. They can point out areas where you may be losing the most energy, and recommend the best insulation type to keep your home temperature-stable.

At Star Spray Foam insulation in New Orleans, we’re proud to provide affordable, efficient insulation services to the community of New Orleans. Star Spray Foam Insulation has built a reputation in the NOLA area for efficient, high-quality insulation at an affordable cost.

Our local pros are available to advise on your insulation and energy needs, whether you’ve just purchased a new home or you’re interested in upgrading your current insulation for a lower energy bill. We use quality materials to maximize the amount of heat retained inside your home – and we install them for you hassle-free.

If you’re considering home spray foam insulation, give us a call! We’ll gladly answer any of your questions and find an insulation contractor to help you.

Types of Insulation

Our trusted insulation contractors use two types of spray foam to ensure the best coverage and performance: open-cell and closed-cell. Our insulation contractor can explain the differences of each option and which may be the best solution given your situation and use case.

  • Open-cell spray foam insulation works well for corners and tight areas, where it expands to fill cracks and crevices that might otherwise leak air.
  • Closed-cell spray foam insulation works well for larger, more open areas. This type of spray foam insulation is one of the most effective temperature barriers available. With closed-cell insulation, your furnace will heat your house or business – not the outdoors.
  • Cellulose fiber insulation is also an available option. This insulation is tightly-packed, flame-resistant, sound-blocking, and an effective block for air leaks, making it an excellent option to choose from. Unsure which insulation type is best for you? Call our trusted insulation contractor for a consultation!

Residential Insulation Contractors in New Orleans

As a homeowner, you don’t want to overpay for heating. As residential insulation contractors, we offer energy audits to determine your areas of energy leakage. Your insulation contractor will determine the flow of energy in your home, from heating and cooling, to insulation quality, to appliance ventilation. Then, they’ll inform you of the biggest energy leaks in your home – saving you up to 20% on your energy bill.

If you need additional insulation to save energy, our local residential insulation contractors can help. They’re equipped to insulate from your attic to your floor, and every place in-between.

New Orleans Commercial Insulation Contractors

For companies, poor insulation can incur significant costs that affect every area of business. Increased operating costs will decrease your profits; in addition, unstable temperatures may lower employee morale. Chilly or overly-hot facilities could also discourage customers and clients from spending time inside your store or office.

Proper insulation is key to keeping your team comfortable, your profits high, and your customers happy. The team at Star Spray Foam Insulation offers affordable insulation options for every business. We can not only audit your energy usage and test your current insulation, but will also check your blower door for insulation and energy leaks. Then, we’ll recommend the best steps to maximize energy savings.

Why Choose Star Spray Foam

Star Spray Foam is one of the trusted spray foam insulation companies that has provided professional, trusted, and reliable local insulation contractors in New Orleans for years.

Here are a few ways we stand out:

  • With a reputation for efficient work and excellent customer service, we’re recommended by many locals for spray foam insulation services.
  • If you’re looking for an insulation contractor “near me,” look no further – our New Orleans LA insulation contractors will provide the personalized service you expect from a local business.
  • We know your time is valuable. Our team strives to install insulation in the most efficient means possible, so you can resume normal activities as soon as possible.
  • As an experienced insulation contractor, we’re trusted by many New Orleans businesses and families to provide and maintain quality insulation.
  • Your budget is important to us. Your insulation contractor will select materials that are affordable as well as effective.
  • As a local company, we’re available to contact easily by phone or by email with questions or requests.

If you’re unsure what type of insulation you need, we’re always happy to provide a consultation. This can help you find your energy leaks, determine the best type of insulation for your home or business, and estimate insulation costs ahead of time.

It’s important to have a pro install your insulation, to ensure it properly seals all cracks and energy leaks. Our insulation contractor holds the necessary training and experience to insulate your home correctly the first time.

Whether you need a touch-up for your home’s closed-cell spray foam insulation or you’d like an entirely new layer of cellulose insulation, we can find an insulation contractor for you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We’re thankful to have the opportunity to help others in New Orleans conserve energy, save money, and heat their homes efficiently. One of our clients, Jen L., owed a 130-year-old home with sub-par insulation. Here’s what she said about her experience with our residential insulation contractors:

“The price was lower than I expected…He was a good communicator throughout the whole process via email, phone, and text. He answered all my questions and was really good to work with. They arrived right on time yesterday morning (at 7:30) and were finished by 3 pm…And, wow, I can tell the difference even while I’m in my very high Victorian bed. Highly recommended.”

About Star Spray Foam Insulation

The team at Star Spray Foam Insulation has been serving The Big Easy for years with quality energy audits, closed-cell and open-cell spray foam, cellulose insulation, and more. Our founder, Brad Harris, worked in construction and maintenance for over twenty years before opening Star Spray Foam. Since then, we’ve expanded to many of the areas surrounding New Orleans. We’re looking forward to many more years of service with this community.

Our Other Services in New Orleans, Louisiana

Unsure whether you need spray foam insulation? Contact us about a consultation! We offer a variety of insulating services beyond spray foam to meet your energy needs, including:

  • Energy Audits: An insulation contractor will track the flow of energy through your home or business to determine the areas of greatest loss, then recommend steps to save energy.
  • Spray Foam Inspections: We’ll help you save up to 30-50% annually on energy cost just from installed spray foam insulation as well as home energy efficiency.
  • White Roof Coatings: If your business is struggling to effectively cool your facilities, the problem may be your roof. Contact us about our white roof coatings to learn more about how this type of insulation can help keep your employees cool.

Community Involvement

Our insulation has helped preserve many historic homes in New Orleans by effectively reducing the moisture content and temperature changes inside. One example is our client Anita M.’s home. She says:

“I have an old house, it was built around 1820 and in the main part of the house, the floorboards are right over the joists, and there is no subflooring…So, I found Star Insulation through some friends who used them, and I am so happy with the results. There was no pressure to hurry up and schedule my job, and they told me the right things, that I needed to use closed cell foam for under the house – everyone else didn’t stress that part…It is staying about 10 degrees warmer near the floor than it was a week ago. I highly recommend Star Insulation if you are going to get foam insulation. They do a great job and are very nice!”


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New Orleans Blower Door Testing - Star Spray Foam

Blower Door Testing

First and foremost, a blower door is a machine that measures indoor air tightness and flow. It detects whether or not there is air leakage. A blower door has a calibrated fan, an instrument that measures pressure, and a mounting system that allows for its attachment on doors or windows.

Floor insulation

Floor Insulation

Reduce Heat from Your Home with Professional Floor Insulation Services in New Orleans What is Floor Insulation? Insulating a floor involves adding a material under the floorboards, thus reducing heat escaping through the floor and into the ground. There’s approximately 15% of heat lost from a house using this method. New Orleans Floor insulation can … Continue reading “Floor Insulation”

Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation

Professional Attic Insulation Services in New Orleans An attic insulation service is your best bet when it comes to keeping your storage room warm despite the weather. Star Spray Foam specializes in New Orleans attic insulation, as well as other services including energy audits, white roof coatings, and blower door testing. As one of the … Continue reading “Attic Insulation”



Using only high quality polyurethane foams, we offer insulations and methods to meet your home or office insulation needs. As the saying goes, every job has its tool, and we have a variety of insulation types that we use depending on what or how you need insulated.

Cellulose Insulation New Orleans- Star Spray Foam

Cellulose Fiber Insulation

From the French word “cellule”, cellulose is one of the first types of insulation materials discovered. Materials used include paper, cartons, cotton, straw, corn cobs, hemp, and even sawdust treated with 20% non-toxic borate compounds such as boric acid, borax

New Orleans White Roof Coatings - Star Spray Foam

White Roof Coatings

A roof coating is a monolithic fluid applied to a roof that has elastic properties that allow for some flexibility and elasticity. It is the top layer of a composite roof membrane that receives both infrared and UV rays from the sun and precipitation.

Energy Home Audit New Orleans - Star Spray Foam

Energy Audits

It is a comprehensive assessment including inspection, survey, and analysis of the flow of energy inside a building. The primary purpose is to check the efficiency of your residential or commercial space so you know if how much is your energy consumption

Cellulose Insulation Service New Orleans - Star Spray Foam

Open Cell vs Closed Cell Insulation

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is a chemical that is known to be great in insulation and reducing air leakage. SPF is a very easy material that fills walls and ceiling cavities completely.

Spray Foam Inspections New Orleans - Star Spray Foam

Spray Foam Inspections

Spray Foam, a mixture of isocyanate and polyol resin has a variety of applications. It is commonly used as an insulation and air barrier system. It is also used for packaging and building among many other things

Spray Foam Insulation Advantages:

  • Stops air and humidity infiltration.
  • Makes your home more comfortable and healthier.
  • Saves on energy costs.
  • Adds strength to the building structure.
  • Permanent in nature.
  • Keeps dust and pollen out.
  • Improves Air Quality.

We are experienced spray foam insulation contractors in New Orleans, Louisiana, Venice, Baton Rouge, Metairie, Hammond, Slidell, Mississippi, Houma, Jefferson and its nearby regions.

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