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    A blower door is a machine that measures indoor air tightness and flow. It detects whether or not there is air leakage. A blower door has a calibrated fan, an instrument that measures pressure, and a mounting system that allows for its attachment on doors or windows.


    • Providing indoor air quality with our New Orleans reliable blower door testing service
    • Our air sealants are done by professional specialists and contractors
    • Our blower door procedures prevent air leakage in your residential or commercial space
    • Improve air quality with our quality indoor air sealants
    • Trusted blower door testing in Louisiana to keep any room in your house or building insulated


    We offer the most trusted air sealing service in the city and surrounding areas


    Blower Door Testing is becoming an important test to ensure quality indoor air for both residential and commercial spaces in New Orleans. The US General Services Administration (GSA) even makes Blower Door Testing mandatory for federal government buildings.




    1. Close all exterior doors and storm windows except for doors between the basement and the first floor
    2. Open all interior doors
    3. Turn off all heating appliances and exhaust fans
    4. Close fireplaces


    Areas that Require a Blower Door Testing


    Some of the areas mentioned below are overlooked spots for air sealing.

    • Basements and crawl spaces
    • Attics
    • Vents and exhaust fans
    • Air ducts
    • Pipes and wirings
    • Doors and windows
    • Pull down stairs
    • Bath fans




    How a blower door works is a technical matter to really understand but basically it’s main concerns are the ventilation and air quality as mentioned above. Is a building’s indoor space too tight? Too loose? How much heating or air conditioning is leaking?


    An infiltrometer or blower door fan is usually placed in the main entry doorway to suck out air from the inside, depressurizing the indoor air. As the fan is running, the technician will check for air leaks in different areas of your home or office. You can hear it or even see it. Heatless smoke tools can pinpoint where exactly the leak is located. There’s also a camera that can detect temperature differences.


    Once a blower door professional mounts the blower door, runs it, and it sees that there is air leakage, a professional can seal using Spray Foam Insulation.


    Star Spray Foam – reliable insulation company in New Orleans , headed by Brad Harris is a group of spray foam professionals that can do the air sealing. We have the advanced and latest technology such as a blower door that could accurately detect air leakage. Once there is, indeed, air leakage, you don’t have to call anyone else. For almost two decades, Harris has been entrusted to do the job and he never disappoints.




    Air leakage is not something you should tolerate. In fact, it is a problem you must address right away.Here are some of the reasons why:


    1. It reduces your energy bills


      Air leakages cause your HVAC systems to be inefficient resulting to rising energy bills. Spray Foam Insulation closes the gaps and holes that results to air infiltration and leaks. 40% of the building’s entire energy is wasted through air infiltration. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star says that you can reduce your energy bills by 20% if you can insulate your building with spray foam. Your HVAC is said to be 56% of your total bill and if there are leaks, your HVAC can’t be very efficient.


    2. Seal off drafty areas in your home


      Draft areas in your home includes your baseboards, headers, sill plates, and even around your windows and doors, your house pipes and electrical outlets. These are areas that you need to insulate and air seal. Open-cell or semi-rigid Spray Foam Insulation is usually the solution.


    3. It addresses ineffective cooling and heating


      Uncontrolled air flow messes with both temperature and pressure of your indoor air. It is a major discomfort. Your HVAC is inefficient when there is air infiltration. Your walls may even condense and the temperature may be very erratic not to mention cold and hot spots in your house or office. It is not very sustainable.


    4. It prevents infestation and pests


      Molds, mildew, and bugs can make their way inside your house. Not to mention that it is proven that bad air quality can encourage bacterial and fungal growth. It’s very dangerous and unhealthy. Be proactive and take the necessary steps. This is not a matter that should be shrugged off. Your home or office must be a comfortable living or working space. You and the other people in your home or office will most likely be allergic to molds and fungi.
      Spray Foam Insulation can also deter the breeding of cockroaches, ants, termites, and even rodents. It prevents these pests from entering sealed premises. Learn more about our affordable spray foam insulation services in New Orleans.


    5. Spray foam absorbs sound


      Specifically, the Open-Cell Spray Foam Insulation is great for sound absorption and transmission. Since spray foam seals the area, it can effectively contain the sound within. It has amazing acoustic properties. Mid-range frequencies such as your voice or the music from your stereo can be controlled. Spray foam is known to have superior auditory controlling capabilities.


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    These are just a few reasons why you should consider Spray Foam Insulation after taking a Blower Door Testing. You can call Star Spray Home to have your area checked. Giving us a call is free of charge. We can schedule a professional spray foam inspection in New Orleans and conduct a blower door testing right away at your most convenient time.

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