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New Orleans Energy Home Audit – Is Your Home or Business Energy Efficient?

Have you ever looked at your electricity bill and immediately performed a double-take? Does your energy usage keep climbing with no apparent reason? Are you looking to cut costs or reduce your footprint? Star Spray Foam Insulation can help!

What is an Energy Audit?

Energy Efficiency Audit New Orleans - Star Spray FoamInsulation contractors perform comprehensive assessment including inspection, survey, and analysis of the flow of energy inside a building. The primary purpose is to check the efficiency of your residential or commercial space so you know if how much your energy consumption is because it translates to your electric bill. A responsible real estate owner also wants to be aware whether or not his or her home has an acceptable ecological or carbon footprint.

A residential energy audit will help you account for your consumption so you can correct it. It will save you significant amounts of money in the long run. Visual and diagnostic assessments are conducted in your entire home. The energy efficiency audit should be able to look into the building itself, the heating, cooling, and ventilating systems, the appliances, air leakage, humidity and moisture, energy usage of members in the building, trouble areas, and even health issues.

Star Spray Foam – Your Insulation and Energy Audit Provider

  • Keep track of your electrical bill with our energy assessment in New Orleans LA
  • We have a specialist in charge well-versed in energy audit in Louisiana and its surrounding areas
  • We’ll help check your energy consumption with our professional auditors
  • Promoting conservation with our energy evaluation system

Local Home Energy Audit – Conserving Your Energy with Star Spray Foam

Save EnergyWith our comprehensive energy audits, our expert auditors can track energy consumption in your Louisiana home or business. We’ll perform an assessment that includes inspection, survey, and analysis before breaking everything down and helping you make better decisions for your property. Property owners can save hundreds of dollars with a few simple changes; even larger renovations like replacing your insulation will pay for itself with the long-term savings!

Energy audits look at several factors, including but not limited to:

  • HVAC systems
  • Ventilation
  • Appliances
  • Air leakage
  • Humidity and moisture

Our contractors can recognize trouble areas and help pinpoint potential health hazards. We provide our contractors with the latest technology to best track the energy consumption in your property. From our diagnostic tools to our solution services, we’ll help you track down and solve a myriad of issues.

Benefits of an Energy Audit – Louisiana Home Performance

  • Save up to 20% on your energy expenses
  • Eliminate health risks
  • Extend your home or business’s shelf life
  • Increase your property’s resale value
  • Grow your company’s competitiveness by reducing production costs
  • Reduce environmental damage and pollution
  • Increase comfort in your home or facility
  • Increase the lifespan of your equipment/appliances

For businesses especially, an energy audit can help increase profitability, productivity, and performance through optimization.

The most important thing to remember is that the process doesn’t end with the audit— the entire purpose is to determine what steps you need to take to become more efficient.

From the Folks Who Matter Most— Our Clients!

We pride ourselves on high-quality, professional service. Doubting our claims? Just ask our clients!

The energy audit they did has been a huge help for our home. It was reasonably priced and helps us manage our energy consumption, so we don’t think about that anymore, at all. — Leeanna A.

For the last couple years, my wife and I kept finding ourselves thinking, *are we really spending THAT much on our energy bill?* We were, but didn’t know why exactly, so we hired these guys to run an energy audit on our home consumption.
It was extremely insightful, and now we’ve figured out how we can lower our energy bill each month. The price of the audit practically pays for itself. — Joseph Y.

Great job with the energy audits for our company. They were thorough when it comes to their analysis and now we know that we can save money and use it for other things. I am also planning to hire their auditors for my home. — Marion L.

My home reached the highest level of energy efficiency because of this awesome New Orleans insulation company. They really know everything about insulation; and I was able to learn a lot about it as well because they also educate their customers. — Fay M.

Will you be our next highly satisfied client? Call our office today, and we’ll schedule your energy audit!

Steadily Serving NOLA One Property at a Time

Brad Harris - Owner of Star Spray FoamOwner and operator Brad Harris has been dedicated to improving energy efficiency for over two decades. After experiencing the benefits of spray foam insulation, he brought his expertise to New Orleans and dedicated himself to high-quality, professional service.

Star Spray Foam Insulation seeks to provide efficient, reliable service from knowledgeable professionals. Over the years, our teams have earned a stellar reputation in and around the Big Easy— are you ready to experience this outstanding service for yourself? Call us today!

Based on the Results of Your Audit, We Offer a Variety of Services to Improve Your Home or Business in New Orleans LA!

So, you had an energy audit on your home or business. Now what? Our professionals at Star Spray Foam Insulation can recommend services to improve your energy efficiency, including several services that our company offers to help smooth the renovation processes.

  • Insulation Installation

Let our experienced technicians improve the air quality and climate control of your home or business with one of our high-quality insulations! Our experts will help you select the correct style of insulation for your property’s needs.

  • Insulation Inspections

If you are noticing that your home doesn’t hold air well or isn’t running efficiently, or if you start to see indications of poor insulation like foul odors or warped floors, let our contractors inspect your current installation to make sure your home or business is properly protected!

  • White Roof Coatings

Mother Nature can be unforgiving, but your roof doesn’t have to suffer! Our eco-friendly, affordable white roof coatings help protect your Louisiana home from harsh UV rays.

  • Blower Door Testing

If you have a blower door in your property, then you know how complicated they can be! From calibrated fans and pressure monitors to mounting systems and air seals, each component needs to function at its best to maintain air quality and climate control. Our experienced contractors will inspect each component to ensure the door is functioning at max efficiency.

Check out our New Orleans white roof coatings to enhance your house more with energy efficient products.

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