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Attic Insulation

15 Benefits and Importance of Insulating an Attic

It is possible to be able to save a significant amount of energy when your attic is properly insulated. Insulation can effectively improve the energy efficiency of your home in a tremendous way.

If you want a more comfortable atmosphere inside your attic, you should go for quality attic insulation by a professional attic insulation specialist. Attics are very close to the roof and can be very hot during the summer and very cold during winter.

Attic insulation is installed to mitigate the effects of harsh weather conditions on the internal temperature of the attic. It helps maintain the ideal temperature in your attic all year long.

The useful benefits of how a properly insulated attic brings comfort to your home include:

  1. Saves on Your Energy Bill

    Attic Energy EfficiencyInsulating an attic can help regulate the temperature inside your home and reduce the amount you spend on heating and cooling costs. It works by trapping heat in the winter and keeping heat out during the summer, allowing your home to stay at a comfortable temperature year-round. By insulating your attic, you can create a more energy-efficient home and lower your energy bills.

  2. Controls Air Leakage

    Proper insulation locks in warm air and cool air because holes and other spaces on the corners and walls of your home are sealed. This will prevent air leakage which is reported to affect the efficiency of heating and cooling your home.

  3. Keeps Your Room Temperature Stable

    Temperatures in your home can easily fluctuate when you do not have insulation. Temperature fluctuation happens when the rooms upstairs can be warmer or cooler than that downstairs. Attic insulation can help maintain the ideal temperature in your home so that your rooms will be kept comfortable.

  4. Gives You Better Air Quality

    Insulation helps maintain the ideal temperature and when the ideal internal temperature in your home is maintained the growth of microorganisms can be prevented. Likewise, air pollutants that can be harmful to your health will be prevented from entering your home.

  5. Increases the Value of Your Home

    Attic Save MoneyWhen your attic is insulated, your home’s R-value will increase. A higher R-value can add value to your home especially when you are planning to sell your home in the near future. Home buyers know how attic insulation brings many benefits like comfortable living and energy efficiency.

  6. Makes Your Attic a Useful Space

    An ideal temperature will increase the likelihood of comfort. Attics are usually not used because they either get too cold or too warm. But when they are insulated, they become the favorite place for many gatherings and activities.

  7. Helps Prevent Winter Ice Dams

    During winter, your roof can easily form ice dams and icicles which can lead to more costly repairs to the interior and exterior of your home. But with proper attic insulation, ice dams that form on your roof can be eliminated.

  8. Deters Pests

    Attics that are not being used because they can be too cold or too warm can welcome pests like mice, squirrels, and birds. These animals are considered pests because they can cause damage to property inside your house and leave waste products that are unhealthy. You would not want them to be nesting in old insulation. Change your old insulation regularly and when needed.

  9. Prevent Structural Damage From Moisture

    Your rooms can gather moisture when your attic is not properly insulated. Insulation prevents the entry of water vapor into our home. Spray foam insulation, especially, can act as a vapor barrier that prevents water vapor from seeping through your walls and ceiling.

  10. Makes your HVAC System More Efficient

    Attic HVACEnergy efficiency is one important thing that you will be able to achieve when you install proper attic insulation. This will regulate the temperature in your home very well so that your HVAC system will not need to work too hard to keep the temperature ideal during winter and summer.

    When this happens, you are protecting the life of your HVAC system and helping increase its efficiency. Choose the best type of insulation material that will help you achieve the efficiency of your HVAC system during months when you need heating and cooling.

  11. Protects the Environment

    When you use attic insulation that makes your use of energy more efficient, you are able to reduce your carbon imprint because your HVAC system can work more efficiently. You will not need to use healing and cooling appliances as much as you would if your attic would not be insulated or if it is poorly insulated. The less energy needed to heat and cool your home, the less carbon imprint you leave on this planet.

  12. Reduces Condensation

    Condensation can cause significant structural damage. Condensation happens in your home when heated air enters your attic and remains there.

    Heated air can cause the growth of molds. This can be prevented with proper attic insulation.

  13. Prevents Frozen Pipes

    Keeping your attic insulated will keep your attic warm during the winter until the onset of spring. This will prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting which can cost you money for repairs.

  14. Reduce Noise

    One of the best benefits of proper attic insulation is noise reduction. Insulation materials have the natural ability to lessen the noise that can enter your home. This includes noise from heavy rain and crashes of thunder. So if you need a more peaceful and quiet environment, insulate your attic.

    Insulating materials have different SPF which indicates how sound is transmitted. For example, an open cell spray foam insulation has the highest ability to attenuate sound because it has the highest SPF.

  15. Prolongs the Life of Your Roof

    When you replace your old insulation and maintain your attic insulation system, most likely your roof will last longer. Proper attic insulation can prevent many elements that cause the degradation of your roof. So if you want to keep your roof in good shape, insulate your attic.

Quality attic insulation is a wise investment. With proper attic insulation, you will save a lot on energy bills because your home becomes more energy efficient. It is estimated that you will be able to save 10% to 50% with quality attic insulation. There are trusted attic insulator professionals who can help you with your attic insulation needs. They have specialist equipment to install appropriate insulation for your attic.

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