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Coating your roof

Protect Your Roof: Roof Coating Frequency

Flat roofs, rather than any other kind of roof, undergo periodic care in order to endure. Coating the flat roof is the most common method of upkeep. An uncoated flat roof has a ten-year lifetime, however covering it every five years or so may greatly increase this.

Coating a flat roof might also help you save money on future repairs. Several variables influence how frequently you should coat your roof and which coating is ideal.

Which roof coating is best?

The optimal roof coating for any setting is determined by a number of elements, including the type of roof, aging, weather changes, environmental issues, aesthetics, and so on. If you are keen on having your roof coated for whatever reason it needs. Here are some of the most popular roof coating materials to choose from.

1. Spray foam coating

Spray foam coating

Getting your fresh SPF roof, the simplicity of installation may save you time and expense. Foam spraying and coating are rapid, and there is normally no disruption to the facility’s everyday operations.

The A and B elements of spray foam roofing will be combined and directly applied onsite using a specialized spray foam apparatus in spray foam roofing.

The various chemicals are fed via high-pressure hoses to a mixing gun from separate containers. Spraying a liquid over an existing roof and letting it expand into foam is how SPF roofs are placed.

2. Acrylic coating

Acrylic polymers which are specially tailored for roof uses and roof coatings are all existing and being used by many homeowners at present. Along with its endurance, acrylic technology is commonly employed in external applications. One good thing about acrylic roof coatings is that they have the advantage of being simple to apply.

They’re aqueous, single-component materials that don’t need two-component mixing. Clearly said, they’re a breeze to deal with. Acrylic coatings are a trendy and reasonable roof repair alternative because of their remarkable mix of price and efficiency.

3. Silicone coating

Silicone coating

The silicone roof coating method is a single application of liquid silicone that is spread forward to fill up fractures, fissures, and gaps. The significant advantage of a silicone roof coating application is the huge money savings when compared to removing the whole roof system. Installation of a silicone coating has the chance to reduce project time by up to 30 percent.

Among the most significant benefits of silicone coating is that it’s really entirely impervious to moisture damage. It features an impervious membrane that is entirely impervious to ponding water and retains its water resistance even when under strain. In reality, the silicone roof coating is really efficient and it also cuts labor costs.

4. Butyl rubber coating

The butyl rubber roof coating is a liquid sealer when used is normally coated to your flat roof, metal roof, or single-ply membrane roofing system in its full. The sealant is very successful in conserving and maintaining your roofing system from either the weather, as well as prolonging the longevity significantly.

The rubber membrane’s toughness enables it to stand up to ponding water. When rain causes stagnant puddles on flat roofs, a robust roofing membrane can keep the liquid in place and avoid leaks.

5. Asphalt roof coating

Asphalt roof coating

A liquid-applied asphalt emulsion roof coating is a kind of roofing material. The roofing industry relies on these coatings, which are made up of asphalt particles and an emulsifying ingredient such as bentonite clay and water.

Asphalt emulsion roof coating has the benefit of being able to be improved on an existing roof and utilized to restore a deteriorated roof without ripping it off. It features a fluid-applied monolithic membrane that is seam and water-resistant, chopped fiberglass, and polyester to strengthen its strength.

Is coating a roof a good idea?

Coating a roof

Sun damage, weather changes, and environmental variables all can contribute to adding a strain on roofs. When the seasons change, you must adjust as well. Roofs, with exception of people and practices, do not often receive the coverage they require to put in place an effective protection mechanism.

A roof that has a white or reflective covering will reflect rather than absorb the sun’s beams. The coating’s reflecting quality maintains the building cool, which may make a major impact on the temperature inside—either keeping your facility cooler or lowering the expense of keeping it cold.

Providing a reflective sealant or coating to the roof might assist block the sun’s rays, lowering the roof’s surface temperature. These coatings, like light-colored roofing materials, may enhance your overall energy efficiency.

Roof coating applications will not disturb your daily routine or force you to stop your company. Besides a new roof, the roof coating may be done while the rest of your life goes on. Roof sealing doesn’t really produce a lot of disturbance, and contemporary coating materials do not emit a distinct odor.

How long does roof coating last?

Roof coatings are required for various roof materials. The roof coating’s thickness is greater than that of paint. It contains elastomeric qualities that improve the roof’s surface by forming a thick layer among flashings, gutters, and tiles.

Roof coatings have a lifespan determined by the thickness provided to the roof. It should endure for at least 10 years. Consider that adding years to your roof is just a question of making the appropriate option and understanding how to add to your roof’s stability.

How much does it cost to coat my roof?

Flat roof coatings would approximately cost $0.15 to $2.00 per sq foot in supplies, plus $0.50 to $3.00 per square foot in labor, as detailed in the expense per sq ft section previously. This is the cost of applying a coating to a preexisting roof structure, including a rubber membrane or metal roof.

Important Reminders Before Applying Roof Coating

To avoid recurrence of typical repair difficulties, properly grasp the present roof quality before beginning a roof restoration job and allow these parameters to drive their selection.

Should you want the adequate roof coatings applied or installed, ensure you select professionals who can keep moisture out of the coat layers and just not harm your roofing system by doing it incorrectly.


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